AV Equipment Rental, Event Planning and Management,
Event Crew and Event Support Services in Singapore

We are an event company specializing in audio visual equipment rental service, sound system rental, led wall rental, lighting rental, other equipment rental and all other event support services for all live corporate events and social events in Singapore.


We provide only quality equipment and at low rates. We work with affiliated companies and with close business contacts who provide us with attractive rates for all our audio visual equipment rental service, sound system rental, led wall rental, lighting rental, other equipment rental for events and all other event support services. These low rates, including our low overheads, allow us to pass these on as savings to our clients to meet their event budgets, while most importantly, maintaining the high quality of the event equipment, audio visual equipment and our event support services.

We also provide non-obligatory venue surveys and conduct 'Live' tests for clients, where possible. Electric Dreamz as a reliable one stop quality solution event company can provide non-obligatory advice on our event support services for event planning and management, equipment rental service for events and event crew too. We are open to long-term collaboration with corporate clients and other companies. Contact us for a non-obligatory discussion.

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Event Crew


Our event crew are passionate and dedicated locals with more than 10 years experience in the events industry. We provide crew event support services for all other event related staffing needs and for similar scope of work in other industries too.


We provide crew event support services for management of audio visual and lighting equipment at  entertainment outlets too.

We will provide our event crew resumes and facebook profiles to clients upon confirmation of projects. This is to provide assurance to clients on the qualifications, capabilities and competencies of our event crew who will be engaged and deployed in their projects and events. We also provide attractive free value-added services.

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Audio Visual Equipment Rental

Lighting Rental

LED Wall Rental

Sound System Rental

Equipment Rental For Events

Event Logistics Support


Due to our vast network of close contacts and affiliations, we are uniquely adapted to assist, through enhanced negotiating power, for event support services related to, AV rental service, sound system rental, led wall rental, lighting rental, equipment rental for events, and we can provide event support services for all event logistics, at guaranteed attractive rates without compromising on quality.

We plan, set-up and manage audio visual equipment for all 'Live' functions and events. We provide and recommend audio visual equipment, lighting system, led wall rental and sound system according to the capacity and acoustic nature of the venue.


We are able to provide for all levels of event support services requirements, including, AV rental service, sound system rental, led wall rental, lighting rental, equipment rental for events and event logistical requirements, which includes, sourcing, procurement, delivery, installation, where required, and disassembly or disposal, where required.


We can provide audio visual equipment for entertainment outlets at competitive rates too.


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Event Planning and Management


We provide non-obligatory expert advice on all event related enquiries which includes, information and assistance on event planning and management, all equipment rental and any other event support services for both social and corporate events.  We also provide expert advice on audio visual equipment requirements for entertainment outlets and other facilities.


We are able to provide expert advice due to our extensive experience in this industry. We incorporate client ideas with our own, through discussions on the themes, budgets, scales & venues, to ensure clients get the best out of their events.

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We can also provide the following support services;



Raised Platforms that hide wiring.


Walls & Partitions: 

Temporary walling for Art displays, Exhibition stand walls, Room partitioning, Pop up Promo stands to design and fit your requirements.



These are display stands to display art or your product.


Exhibition Stands:

These are custom-designed unique stand builds.  We survey, study & understand the product, to ensure that the design concept has the 'Wow' factor to capture the attention of consumers and exhibition attendees.


Marquee Letters:

We also provide customised 'Marquee Letters' and 'Signs' for all event types and needs.

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We also provide the following;


Types of Props:

Illuminated stuff, balloons, decorations, for all themes, 

concepts and mood.

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Tables & Chairs:

According to clients' requirements.

Please visit our event furniture rental page for more information on our tables and chairs rental in Singapore.


Customised Gifts and Souveniors:

From personalised gifts, to plaques, trophy plates, 

memorabilia, and etc.