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  • Does Electric Dreamz specialize in corporate events, MICE events or social events?"
    We are a one stop solution company for all live Singapore events. We specialize in all corporate events, MICE events and social events, including weddings. For more information on specific events, event services and special event services, please go to Electric Dreamz main page and select an event or specific event services or go to event organizer for MICE events, party planner for social events, including weddings and event planner for corporate events.
  • How are we able to offer low costs for event services and products without compromising on quality?
    Firstly, we are able to keep our overheads low as we engage event crew, audio visual technicians, lighting programmers, lighting technicians and soundman only when there are events. We are a close-knit team who support each other as and when there are requirements. We are team of skilled local individuals who have worked together for a long time and complement each others' skills to deliver high quality event services for live events in Singapore. Secondly, for our event items, including, audio visual equipment rental, sound system rental, lighting rental, led wall rental, projector rental, led backdrops, stage backdrops, fabrication works and all other event equipment rental and audio visual equipment rental requirements, we work with our affiliated companies and close contacts with whom we have worked with for many years. Our rates are amongst the most competitive in the market for high-end equipment and event services! Thirdly, as a package, we offer low rates on other requirements like door gifts, plaques, design services, props and other event related products and services. We closely work with several event venues and can offer special discounted rates too! As for professional emcees, professional event entertainment, professional photography and videography services, we can recommend talented locals who are well-known in the events industry with top notch track records! Last but not least, our team believes in 3 core values, integrity, professionalism and transparency in everything that we do and enjoy working with likeminded people. When necessary, we conduct venue surveys to ascertain and confirm if the right set of event requirements has been discussed, and where possible, if it does not affect the quality of event, provide money and budget-saving advice.
  • Electric Dreamz is a relatively new company, how can guarantee you reliability and high quality event rentals and services for your events?"
    Firstly, although we were only incorporated in December 2015, Assif Khan, Danny House and our part-time local experience and professional audio visual technicians including, lighting programmers, lighting technicians, soundman, video technicians and event crew have been in this industry for many years with excellent track records. We are team who have more than 10 years experience and have been involved in 100s of social and corporate events at various levels and positions. We are a passionate team and take our work seriously to attain and achieve a feeling of complete satisfaction by always doing our best to exceed clients' expectations. For Electric Dreamz an event is not just an event, it is a continuous endeavour to exceed expectations and leave lasting impressions. You can now even conveniently book for event crew and AV technicians service online through our booking form. This is for experienced event setup and teardown crew, including lighting programmers, soundman and video technicians for Singapore events. Secondly, through our extensive experience in the events industry, and we have worked with many event suppliers, establishing strong and close contacts, and affiliated our company with event suppliers who have excellent and proven track records. This guarantees that all event services delivery, including event sound, event lighting, event entertainment, event venues, event decorations and all other event items are reliable and of high quality always. We assure you that at the end of all events, your guests will appreciated the quality of event and services that has been delivered. Last but not least, we craft attractive proposals, which are submitted upon acceptance of event quotations. There are very detailed and while going through these proposals, you will even be able to imagine the event from start to finish. We are professionals who incorporate clients' requirements with ideas, suggestions and recommendations as attractive add-on options. We believe in thorough checklists and pay attention to every minute detail. For us no detail is too small to consider! Please feel free to visit about us page to know more about the Electric Dreamz Team and for client reviews of past events, please visit our event company page.
  • Do we have corporate event venues, birthday party venues and weddings venues that are central and with convenience of public transport for guests and todo we provide other venue sourcing services too?"
    Yes! We have a beautiful new and newly renovated venue in the central city area that has the convenience of an underground MRT station directly at the same building! Clients may set an appointment to visit this venue and other recommended venues that we have for which we can offer attractive rates. The catering services is in-house and led by famous local chefs. Early booking is recommended due to the popularity of this venue.​ We also provide corporate event venue, birthday party venue and Singapore wedding venue sourcing services, based on specific client requirements. Electric Dreamz is an events company in Singapore who, can deliver as a reliable one stop quality solution, for any events and event services, anywhere in Singapore and overseas too!
  • What kind of payment methods does Electric Dreamz offer?
    We prefer: Bank transfers. Bank trasfers to be made to the following account: Bank: United Overseas Bank Account Name: Electric Dreamz Account No.: 348-306-483-5 We accept: Cheque payments addressed to 'Electric Dreamz'.
  • What are Electric Dreamz's standard payment terms?
    For private companies: There is a 50% non-refundable confirmation deposit upon quote confirmations with the balance 50% to be paid on event days. *For cancellations due to unforeseen circumstances, receipts and manhour expenses incurred up to cancellation day will be produced and updated to client, afterwhich, the agreed amount will be deducted and balance of the confirmation deposit returned. For government bodies: Electric Dreamz can offer 30 days payment terms.
  • What is Electric Dreamz quotation and proposal submitting process and flow?
    For event management service requirements, it is preferable to either receive a list of required event elements and items or an estimated budget for the entire event. Electric Dreamz will then submit a quotation based on event element requirements or offer a list of recommended event elements based on the given budget. Upon acceptance of the quotation and agreement on the quoted price and list of event elements, a preliminary proposal will be drated out and submitted together with the 50% confirmation deposit invoice. Upon confirmation of our service, a detailed proposal expanding on the preliminary proposal will be submitted or presented, discussed and finalised through phone conversations, emails, and meetings.
  • Does Electric Dreamz offer value-added event services?
    Yes we do. We offer a variety of attractive value-added services such as: beautifully designed custom photo books consisting of photos from the event crafting an online survey form where everyone can get involved in deciding the event elements or specific event element such as the event theme providing an optional guest event video invitation that is catchy and to create feel-good factor at the office environment with everyone looking forward to the event and many more! We are a team of proactive and creative individuals who are always coming up with new fun and effective ways to enhance events.
  • Can Electric Dreamz offer an attractive overseas corporate retreat that can incorporate team building games and team bonding activities for employees?
    Yes we can. We are currently working with contacts in Indonesia and Thailand and can offer what we call 'The Staff Evolution Project' that is for a corporate retreat 3 day and 2 nights to an Indonedian resort, that includes fun team building games and exciting team bonding activities.

Contact us now for a non-obligatory discussion or for an event services and event equipment quote for an upcoming event. Feel free to visit our sitemap for a huge library of events industry related content.

Electric Dreamz is an events company in Singapore providing event services for all live Singapore events:


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FAQ - Corporate, Social and MICE Events in Singapore

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