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Sound System Rental Singapore - Low Cost Rental, Quality Sound System, Reliable AV Rental Service

Updated: Aug 12, 2022

High-end event sound system rental at low rates, with experienced and professional event setup crew and sound technicians and reliable sound system rental service in Singapore.

Why choose us for your event sound system rental requirements?


We provide precise and valuable advice to ensure clients have the right event sound equipment for their events. If necessary, we conduct event venue surveys to understand the environment and venue layouts, at times by studying the venue floor plans, to ensure that we are providing an event sound system rental service that is according to client needs to deliver high quality sound to their guests. It is important to know the source of the power supply to have a clear idea of the scope of work required to ensure a smooth event setup process on the agreed setup date and time. For power generators, it is important that the power supply is not shared by external contractors, especially for lighting, fans and coolers as this can have an adverse effect on the event sound quality.


Our setup event crew are passionate professionals who have years of experience and are meticulous in their work to ensure the best sound and audio equipment layout for high quality sound delivery. They are trained professionals who setup sound equipment from start to finish in a hassle-free process.


Our event company conducts thorough testing of sound equipment after setup and if the event is hours from starting, prior to event start time too, to ensure everything is in order. Our passionate, experienced and professional sound technicians pay attention to detail to ensure delivery of high quality sound throughout the event.


Our event sound system rental service is reliable and high sound quality is guaranteed as they are managed by passionate experienced professional local sound technicians who take pride in their work. They have an excellent track record in the events industry. We can also engage experienced professional deejays to manage event sound for stage performances and discos.


We guarantee high quality sound as we provide only high-end sound equipment for all our events in Singapore. All brands of sound equipment can deliver standard to high quality sound, however, if these sound equipment are not maintained and serviced, over time, the sound quality becomes poor. The sound equipment that we provide are well-maintained with routine in-house schedules to ensure they are in the best shape always.


Electric Dreamz is a full service, one stop quality solution event company in Singapore for event sound system rental. We provide event sound system rental at low cost, with quality sound and audio equipment and reliable AV rental services from the first client phone call and contact to the time we disassemble the sound equipment after a successfully completed event.


For Electric Dreamz, an event is not just an event but, an endeavour to exceed expectations, to leave lasting impressions, always!

Hope you enjoyed the video and that you found this event sound system blog informative.

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