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Buying or Renting Audio Visual Equipment - What makes more sense

Updated: Sep 21, 2023

Organising an event comprises many phases; finding a venue, decorating, sourcing for the food and beverage catering company and etc. Sourcing for the right #audiovisualequipmentrental company for the event is crucial to ensure successful events. The organisers often forget that the quality of the event also depends highly on the quality of audio and visual that they have included for the event. Sometimes event venue owners decide to purchase and install their own audio visual equipment especially if they have events happening very often at their venue.

Many who purchase these audio visual equipment are in the opinion that it is a good investment to have light and sound equipment permanently installed so that they do not have to take the trouble of sourcing for an AV rentals service company every time there is an event at their venue. Here are some reasons why renting AV equipment is far better than buying them, unless there are very frequent events at the venue. However, many also forget that it takes a very experienced and skilled AV technician to keep these equipment in good working order through regular maintenance.

Here are important Things To Know About Buying and Audio Visual Equipment Rentals.

Risk Factors Of Purchasing Your Own Audio Visual Equipment

Buying a high-end sound system of brands like EV, JBL or Mackie, cost a fortune and are bulky and sophisticated machines. Even if your organisation can afford to get an AV system within your price range, it would be foolish to buy something super expensive without having any experts to operate them properly or qualified and experienced technicians to maintain them and keep them in good working order always. The storage and maintenance of event lighting, sound and visual AV equipment is tricky since these AV equipment need constant care and attention to perform well without any glitch throughout events, which is key to servicing regular clients and to convert new clients to regular ones. You do not want to make the notorious and dreaded “We are faced with a technical difficulty” announcement for any event!

When you get the AV rentals like LED video wall rental, event lighting rental or sound system rental from a trusted vendor, they take care of every aspect of equipment like, ⦁ best AV equipment set ups depending on space and requirements ⦁ professional AV equipment management throughout event by skilled and experienced lighting programmers, sound technicians and video technicians ⦁ regular maintenance of their AV equipment so you don’t have to worry about any wear and tear issues or glitches during events

That being said, if you have the employ of skilled and experienced technicians who know their stuff and are able to guarantee the care and maintenance of your event venue AV equipment, then go for it! Yes, in this case it would be a good idea to purchase and install these AV equipment at your event venue. However, do take note that the proper care and maintenance of AV equipment is a specialised skill and requires the touch of a dedicated and passionate person, who are usually well-paid in the events industry. You can always hire on a temporary basis an experienced audio visual technician from the event companies to train up your in-house technicians on how to maintain and manage these audio visual equipment.

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"Shouldn't the ultimate goal be to impress your clients and their guests to get high rated reviews and repeat business?"

Keeping Up With The Finest And Latest AV Equipment Technology

Purchasing and installing your own #AVequipment instead of depending on AV equipment rentals may seem like a good idea until you find another latest AV equipment in the market after you have already made the purchase of an older AV system. Since AV equipment does not really have a huge reselling value, it would be difficult to upgrade without bearing a substantial amount as loss. Sometimes you may be forced to use the same old AV equipment for a long time which may lead to compromising on the effectiveness and quality of sound, lighting and video for the events.

On the other hand, #AVrentalcompanies usually carry the latest AV equipment or very high-end AV systems that are well-maintained and durable which guarantees a great event experience for your guests. Staying in the game is very important for these vendors; so unlike venues that have bought and installed their audio visual equipment, they are constantly upgrading their AV equipment capabilities to stay relevant. Placing your trust in these vendors would definitely benefit you more than making an impulse purchase of AV equipment.

Budget-Friendly AV Equipment Rental Choice

Buying light and sound equipment can burn a huge hole in your pocket even though it may seem like a one-time investment and a good choice that made sense at that particular time. Once you have spent that much money, it is natural that you will try to use the same AV equipment over and over for small and big events alike, trying to make the most out of your investment. However, over time, prolonged use of your equipment causes wear and tear, sometimes permanent and irreparable especially if these are not well-maintained. This will then deteriorate the quality of your sound, lighting and video equipment. When the quality of your audio visual equipment is greatly affected, this will in turn affect the quality and delivery of your events and invite complaints from your clients, leading to loss of revenue.

Why take that risk when you can find budget-friendly AV rental companies who can guarantee the delivery of high quality sound, lighting and video for all your events and over the long-term build you a growing pool of repeated clients and increased revenue? Audio visual equipment rental companies can work out great AV equipment rental packages that will suit your needs and meet all your event requirements. This expense is negligible compared to the substantial one-time purchase that would compromise on many factors. Why take an unnecessary risk unless as mentioned earlier you have made plans to engage and experienced audiovisual technician to train your AV crew in maintenance and management of your AV equipment?

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"Always remember, an event that has the light, sound and video set right, is an event that will be remembered!"


At Electric Dreamz, we strive to bring out the best of our capabilities to always offer you the top-class technical assistance and high quality audio visual equipment management throughout your event. The AV rental packages for the high-end audio visual equipment we offer, include experienced AV setup crew and expert operators and technicians who have years of experience in the field with excellent record in the events industry. We work with trusted our trusted sister companies and partners with proven track records. We are a one stop solution AV rental company in Singapore offering quality lighting rental, sound system rental, LED video wall rental and any other event support services required for your events. With our expert event planning and management team, we can plan, execute and produce an audio-visual experience that your audience will never forget.

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Feel free to contact us at or call us at +65 6683 9541. For more information on our event company visit us at Electric Dreamz. Alternatively for more on our audio visual equipment rental service visit our event support services page.

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