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What Does A Basic Event Lighting Rental Service Package Include?

Updated: Jan 17, 2023

There is a wide variety of equipment in the event lighting rental service sector. This includes moving heads, lighting pars, spotlights and etc. If you are new to the events industry, it might get complicated if you are trying to figure out what is the best #eventlighting package to suit your needs at the lowest cost possible. You may also be interested in our past blog titled 'Things you need to know before you rent lighting for your events'.

Visuals is an important element to include for any event as it can create the kind of immersive event environment that leave your guests with lasting impressions.

Here we discuss what a basic #lightingrental package includes and what it delivers for your event. We will also touch on how to get the best possible #eventlightingrental package for your event from event companies or AV rental companies in Singapore.

Here are important things you need to know about event lighting rental service.

Basic Event Lighting Rental Package

There are 2 basic options you can choose from, depending on your lighting needs and requirements for your event. The equipment and manpower included is as follows:

Lighting Rental Option A

  • 4 LED Wash

  • 2 Lighting Stands

  • 1 Lighting Console

Lighting Rental Option B

  • 4 Moving Heads (On Stands)

  • 4 Beam Moving Heads (On Stage)

  • 2 Lighting Stands

  • 1 Lighting Console

  • 1 Lighting Programmer

Option A is the cheaper option and is generally used to brighten the stage area. Option B works to enhance the ambience and brighten the stage too.

Choosing The Right Basic Lighting Rental Option

Choosing the right basic event lighting rental package depends on the venue that you have chosen for your event. If there are already existing event lights to brighten the stage at your event venue, then you may want to have an add-on to improve the ambience and enhance the stage performances by selecting option B as with this option there will be a lighting programmer who will cue the event lights to have the best effects according to your event programme and performances on stage, enhancing the performance and improving the ambience to a level where your guests will have a memorable and immersive experience.

Option A is recommended if you are working with a tight budget and there are no lights or low quality lights at the venue that are not enough to brighten the stage area to the level required.

If you have a higher budget, it is recommended to choose both options A and B to bring your event to another level and give a more immersive experience to your guests with a much more enhanced performance and improved ambience that are guaranteed to give your guests memorable and lasting impressions.

Please note that existing lights at venues can be tapped into and combined with the equipment that is included in your event lighting rental package however, please take note that this depends on the quality of existing lights and if these lights can be patched into the lighting rental company's lighting console. This usually requires a site recce. Sometimes the event company or event lighting rental company you have engaged will requests for the type and brand of the existing lighting board at the venue and they will update if the all the lights required are able to function with the existing lighting board at the venue. Otherwise the event lighting rental company or event company will recommend and include the right lighting board for the event to ensure high quality lighting performance at the event.

Event Lighting Rental Package

If you have an upcoming corporate event that has VIPs that you want to impress you probably will want an event lighting rental package that can provide a totally immersive and enhanced event environment with a 'Wow factor' that is sure to leave your guests amazed leaving them with lasting impressions. For this, what you want is for an experienced lighting designer from the event company or the event lighting rental company that is usually also the lighting programmer, to do a site recce, understand your requirements and your event programme, to then provide you with the best event lighting rental service package for your corporate event.

Here is a our past blog that you might be interested to read titled 'Stage Lighting Rental: 4 Important thing you need to know for the right events lights service package'.

For these kind of requirements, if you have also requested for an extensive event decoration package, the lighting designer and programmer will work closely with the event decoration designer to enhance the environment with lights and decorations will give you guests a totally immersive experience from start to finish.

If you have a band or dance performances, an experienced lighting programmer can also synchronise the lights to match the music and theme of every segment on stage. You can also include an LED wall that an experienced lighting programmer can synchronise his lights with, which will enhance the event to an even higher level and you will be amazed by the magic that happens!

Most do not know but the most important component to ensure high quality lighting for your event is the experience and skill of the lighting programmer. The lighting equipment that you rent for your event can produce high quality synchronised lights only through the expert use of the lighting console by the hired lighting programmer.


Here is a fun video by our event company on event lighting.

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