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Best Kids Party Ideas: Tips For Organising Parties That Children Will Love

Updated: Sep 21, 2023

Thinking of planning a party for your little one and not landing on any awesome ideas or are you thinking of engaging a #kidspartyplanner but are unsure of what to include for your kids birthday party package?

If you are a parent who intends to throw a party for your kid and don’t know how kid’s parties work, you could be in a tight spot. Worry not! Here’s a list of ideas for kids parties that will make your children happy and excited about the wonderful party you have planned for them, an awesome party that they will thoroughly enjoy and create great memories on. Here are some essential kids parties elements to consider and that kids #partyplanners usually include in their custom kids party packages to throw the finest party around the block!

Here is a fun video that we created that we created for our past blog titled '5 Best Kids Party Ideas and Themes for Best Kids Parties in Singapore'.

Here are things to think about for organising awesome kids parties!

The Perfect Kids Party Theme

When it comes to planning events for kids, it’s important to keep in mind that unlike grownups, kids like to have their parties more like a fun experience from start to end. So the major step is finding a #kidsparty theme idea that suits the age group and preference of your child because let’s be real, no child wants a formal dinner and dance! For kids party theme ideas, the kids party planner needs to think from the child’s perspective and cook up something sensational.

You could go all the way by getting a bouncy castle for all the princes and princesses, bring about a magical evening filled with fantasy, a sports-themed gaming day, art workshops for the little artists, forest adventures for outdoor kids parties, cooking and baking kids party and etc. Sometimes, kids can be difficult to please and would need you to go the extra mile in arranging the party of their dreams! So do not shy away from expanding your options and thinking out of the box to come up with unique ideas.

Putting Up A Show - Kids Party Entertainment, Games and Activities

Most of the time, especially when the children are too young, it is probably a good idea to look into including fun and engaging kids party games and activities. For example, you can look into including kids party entertainment and entertainers who can keep them engaged and occupied with fun games and activities. You can find magicians, clowns, face painting artists, caricaturists or even a game organizer or kids party host to manage and guide them into doing different fun activities. There are tasks they could perform in groups that even encourage learning without even having the feeling that they are actually studying at a party. Activities like sculpturing, cooking, painting, treasure hunting and solving puzzles enhance the brain activities of children.

And if your child is more into sports, you don’t have to go that further in search of kids party planning ideas! You could arrange a sports themed kids game in your backyard or at a designated kids party venue and have the kids join in and have heaps of fun. You can also include a wide variety of kids party rentals through the kids party planner as a kids party package or through a kids party rental company.

Kids Party Decorations, Gifts And Food

Even though some parents may not consider kids party decorations as essential element for their kids parties, visual appeal of the event is actually an important kids party element, to get the attention of children. If your little girl wants a Frozen themed birthday party, surprise her with ice castles, snow, blue balloons, sleigh rides, and maybe even a life-sized Olaf figurine! There are actually no limits to what you can do when it is a kid’s party. The next key step is to think about kids party gift ideas. Make sure your gifts align with your theme, age of the group of the party and maybe crank it up a notch with by including a kids art workshop for hand-painted mug, canvas and T-shirt which will turn into the kids party gifts (learning new skill and getting rewarded for it!)

Kids Party Menu

The final and most important decision to make is on your kids party catering service and type of menu. You should keep the menu age appropriate yet can cater to both the kids and parents at the party. A kids birthday party planner will usually recommend that you include a custom themed cake that matches your kids party theme and you can even consider including chocolates or cupcakes to make the serving table look more colourful. It will be also a good idea to consider food box packaging with different food items arranged inside for the ease of handing out and cleaning up later. Too many things to do? You can leave all these headaches and have a hassle-free kids party by engaging a kids party planner who will take care of everything from start to finish.

Now, are you losing your mind thinking of the amount of planning you have to do to get this working? There are always ways to solve that! Let the Electric Dreamz Party Planners plan and manage your kids party. We are experienced party planners with smart and creative solutions to help you organize that stunning party you have in your mind. We turn ideas into reality and go the extra mile to exceed client's expectations. Our clients have always been satisfied with our over the top services and affordable rates. We can arrange everything for you from party rentals such as sound system rental, disco lights rental, to party decoration, party entertainment, along with party games by experienced and fun party hosts. Leave the herculean task of arranging the whole event to Electric Dreamz so you can sit back, relax and watch the magic happen.


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Here is a fun birthday party video by our event company.

Feel free to contact us through email at assif@electricdreamz or call us at +65 6683 9541. To find out more about our event company and other event services that we offer visit us at Electric Dreamz. Electric Dreamz is a one stop solution event company in Singapore. Alternatively, you can also visit our Party Planner page for more information on our party planning services.

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