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Event Company Updates 2018 - Event Services | Bitcoins

Updated: Aug 13, 2022

First of all I would like to thank those who have reached out and enquired why I stopped sending out weekly new blogs. It has been about 6 months now since our last post was sent out to our subscribers.

The reason for this is because I have been researching 'Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency' in much detail over the past 6 months to study the possibility of using it as:

  • a payment method for our event services

  • a store of value of income received

  • an profitable investment

About Electric Dreamz and Bitcoins

I have written a short blog to provide a short introduction and an insight on the world of bitcoin.

When I first touched on this subject, the first thing that came to mind was 'scam' as generally most people associate anything that they do not understand and has potential risk to their money as scams.

However, months of research, discovered that bitcoin and cryptocurrency is the future of money. Here are its main benefits that I have discovered:

  • you have full control of your finances instead of trusting it to a 3rd party

  • instead of receiving a meagre interest of not more than 2% per year on your savings, holding bitcoins increases wealth, mainly due to the scarcity of bitcoins, explained in a fun way in the following video

  • it allows for fast an low cost transactions without the need for a 3rd party

  • it is border-less and can be sent to and received from anyone who has a 'digital wallet'

  • it is not owned by any company or individual, it is an innovative invention using blockchain technology created for an automated ledger written in code that is forever on the internet and can never be modified by anyone nor influenced by anyone, an open source code that is visible to everyone and maintained by the bitcoin community (a team of coders and developers)


Electric Dreamz now offers 8% discount on quoted event services for all payments made in Bitcoins or Bitcoin Gold. Feel free to read all about how to go about getting your first bitcoins or contact us for more information.


We are proud to be awarded this award courtesy of 'Feedspot'.

Feel free to visit our event company site or contact us for any event services requirements in Singapore. You may call us at +65 985860502 or +65 66839541. Have an awesome week!

All information provided is based on our views and opinions on this subject.

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