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Event Decoration - Event Lighting - Event Sound: 3 Key Elements For Creating Immersive Environments

Updated: Aug 12, 2022

What are the main key elements to creating an immersive environment and for giving your event guests awesome experiences at events?

  1. Event Decoration

  2. Event Lighting

  3. Event Sound

These are 3 key basic event elements to creating awesome immersive environments for your event guests and here are the reasons on why and how to guarantee success.

These are perfect for events such as dinner and dances, business opening day, product launch day, concerts, birthday parties, private parties, weddings, even conferences and seminars. Yes, conferences and seminars too!



How can sound and visual effects be used at conferences and seminars?

For example, visual effects and sound are nowadays used at some conferences and seminars to create dramatic support on and during, important parts and segments, which get the audiences alert and who are then able to absorb the information that is being shared with them more effectively.

These also serve to provide delightful environments for your audience to fully appreciate and enjoy their time at the event, most importantly, leave them with lasting impressions.

Immersive environments touch on two human senses which are sight and sound:

  • Event Decoration - Sight

  • Event Lighting - Sight

  • Event Sound

Another event element that can also be considered to enhance an event environment for higher budgets, that touch on the sight and in some cases sound senses, are visuals like LED walls and projectors.

This event element is touched on briefly in this blog.



Engaging the right event decorator or professional designer is essential to ensure all decorations, props and the overall design at your events are perfect to create the right environment to give your guests an incredible experience.

Professional decorators and experienced designers usually work with their design team to come up with awesome design concepts to match the theme that you have selected for your event, or if this is a product launch or business opening, to bring out your brand message that will capture your guests attention and mesmerise them in a way that will leave them with lasting impressions!

To take it a step further, by engaging the right event company, they engage the right lighting designer, who at times is the lighting programmer, and ensure that the decorator or designer and the lighting designer, work closely together to take it to another level and bring everything to life in an even more imaginative way.

Decorations supplemented with the right lighting effects, can create an awesome visual experience for your guests, which is the first step to creating immersive event environments.

Illuminated Props And Furniture

An event designer and event decorator can also further enhance your event environment by including illuminated event furniture, illuminated event props, stylish tentage, domes and pavilions. Here are some examples of these event rentals:

Fashionable Tentage Rental

Illuminated Chair And Table Rentals

Illuminated Props, Other Furniture And Booth Rentals



It is essential to engage the right lighting designers and lighting programmers for your events. Any lighting designer and lighting programmer can do the work, but passionate ones can create visual effects that will make lights dance and mesmerise any audience!

The can work closely with the designer and event decorator to create a fusion of event decoration and lighting that create awesome immersive environments for your guests, starting at the entrance and throughout the event, including during stage performances.

Knowledge Of Lighting Functions And Effects

An experienced and professional lighting designer and lighting programmer has in-depth knowledge of the capabilities and functions of a wide range of event lighting equipment. An event decorator or designer can tap into this knowledge to further enhance the environment so that they fuse and give even more immersive experiences for the event guests.

Stage Lighting And Effects For Performances

A professional lighting designer or an experienced lighting programmer can advise you on the best layout, type of lighting and the kind of effects to enhance your stage performances, which are also an important part of creating immersive environments and experiences for your guests.

However, in order for the lighting programmer or lighting designer to give you the right advice, it is either through a survey of the venue or by being provided more details on the venue, size of the stage (photos if possible), and the type of performances that will be included for the event.

Venue surveys are preferred, however, most times, an experienced programmer and lighting designer probably has already worked at that venue before for other events previously and has good knowledge of layout, in which case, more details of the performances are all that are required, for a start.

There are times when after the information has been provided for the clients on what lighting is needed for the event, upon confirmation of quotation and service, upon visiting the venue and getting a clearer understanding of the needs and requirements, event lighting equipment may either be reduced, added or changed to other types of more suitable and appropriate event lighting.

Quality Event Lighting

It is important to remember that quality event lighting equipment are essential in order for the concept to work.

For example, the quality of event lighting effects produced by more than 10 event lighting programmed and controlled by a laptop cannot match up with 4 event lighting programmed and controlled by a lighting board.

Here are some of our event lighting blogs:



Hiring the right event deejay is also an important part of ensuring that all 3 event elements come together to create immersive environments at events.

When do you need to hire a deejay?

An event deejay is required and necessary when you have any music requirements for your event.

A passionate and experienced event deejay is able to team up with the lighting programmer and together form a synergy of event sound and lighting effects to bring the event environment to another level, especially during stage performances and disco segments.

An event deejay is a professional who understands what type of music is to be played during the different event segments, such as during VIP entrance, fan fare music, background music and disco segments.

Can a disco deejay be an event deejay?

It depends. Not all disco deejays can be hired as event deejays but generally all event deejays can work as disco deejays. The main reason is because a disco deejay with no event experience will not be able to understand or know when he has to play fan fare music, VIP entrance music and even what types of music these should be.

Furthermore, due to this lack of experience he will not be able to work as a team with the lighting programmer. Lighting at discos are usually pre-queued (preset). However, there are some clubs that do employ lighting programmers too.

Here are some of our event sound blogs:



For a higher budget, you can also include other visuals such as LED walls and projectors. LED walls and projectors can even be placed in such a way that they project images all around at all 4 walls of the event hall or function room to give it a feel like you are in a totally different world!

Complement these with the right event decoration, event lighting and event sound and you get the perfect fusion of event elements to greatly enhance your event environments, giving your event guests the most memorable immersive event experiences!

Here are some of our other AV rental blogs:

Another important element that careful thought has to put into to set the right mood for the event is the event music playlist. The right event music is key to setting the right mood for the event segments.



Event Decoration Budget

An event decorator and event designer has the skills to design and decorate according to clients' chosen themes and requirements. Event decoration can range from hundreds to thousands of dollars, as such it is vital for an event decorator and event designer to know the budget that has been set aside for the event decorations.

Event lighting to be included for events also depend on clients' budgets. A lighting designer can include a variety of lighting, including stage lighting, ambience lighting and lighting to enhance event decoration and props. As such it is always important to understand client requirements and finding the right balance between client budgets and requirements to ultimately decide on what kind of lighting can be included for events.

Event Management Company Budget

An event management company has to be told of the budget to be adequately equipped to come up with event quotations and subsequently, after confirmation of service, the event proposals.

This is a point which some clients are unaware of or fail to understand, leading to the failure to provide budgets or requesting a long list of event elements that can never match with the given event budgets.



We are a low cost, reliable and professional one stop quality solution event company that goes the extra mile to achieve success and leave lasting impressions.

We are able to keep costs low mainly because of our low overheads, which allows us to work with low margins and offer lower rates.

"Turning dreams into reality through innovation and creativity."

At Electric Dreamz, our core values are:




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Thanks for taking the time and for the kind read. Have a great day!

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