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Event Lighting Rental - 3 Important things to guarantee awesome lighting effects for your events

Updated: Aug 11, 2022

Have you been looking for an event lighting rental service company in Singapore for outdoor event lighting or indoor event lighting who can guarantee you high quality lighting for your events?

The most important thing to know first before looking for an event lighting rental company and an event lighting rental service is to understand the 3 important things that make for awesome lighting for events.

Here is a video on 'How To Guarantee Awesome Event Lighting For Your Events'.

High quality sound and high quality event lighting touch the sound and hearing senses to combine and create an immersive, entertaining and memorable experiences for your event guests.

Event sound without event lighting creates a dull and dark environment for your event guests and, event lighting without event sound makes no sense, unless it is for indoor ambience lighting or decorative outdoor event lighting for gardens and such.

Event lighting can make or break your events and success is heavily dependent on the 3 important factors that we will discuss here.



Quality of the event lighting rental equipment is one of the three important factors that lead to successful event lighting works for your events. High-end lighting equipment delivers constant and consistent high quality lighting for your events.

European event lighting brands are known for their quality and durability, delivering consistent high quality lighting for events.

About 5 years ago China event lighting manufacturing companies started setting up service centres in Singapore to provide service and maintenance for their brands of lighting.

Currently, there are a handful of China lighting brands that can also deliver quality and consistent event lighting for events. These are tried and tested brands that have delivered as promised and as guaranteed.

One other point to note on quality event lighting equipment is that even high-end event lighting gear must be maintained on a regular basis. Event lighting equipment that are ill-maintained deteriorate in quality over time.


Even the most high-end event lighting equipment is only as good as the lighting programmer who utilises them. The hire of an experienced lighting programmer is essential for the delivery of high quality lighting work for your events.

Event lighting rental packages include lighting programmers. Passionate and experienced lighting programmers make an effort to be early for events and study the event programmes to understand clearly what is planned for the day and what is expected of them.

An experienced lighting programmer, through his extensive experience will be able to coordinate and manage the event lighting professionally and work closely as a team, especially with the soundman, which leads to equilibrium event sound and event lighting, enhancing the stage performance and leaving your guests with lasting impressions.


To come up with the best lighting design, a professional lighting designer requires:

  • the knowledge of event lighting equipment, its capabilities and unique functions

  • the clear understanding of client requirements

  • survey of event venue to understand the environment, unless he has been and worked at that venue before and already has knowledge and understanding of the event venue layout

  • the knowledge of client's event lighting budget to propose the best design possible

A professional and experienced lighting designer is able to transform any environment to blend in with the aesthetic and event theme. Knowing the event lighting budget is important as a lighting designer is able enhance any environment using different lighting layouts and a mix of different lighting equipment to achieve the desired lighting effects, according to the given budget, to meet your needs and requirements.


Here is a little more about event lighting.

What is the main difference between a lighting technician and a lighting programmer?

Lighting Technician Vs Lighting Programmer

A lighting technician is someone who is able to service and repair your lighting equipment and take charge of an event lighting setup. A lighting programmer is someone who utilises a lighting console to program lighting cues (trigger for an action to be carried out at a specified time) according to the event programme and instructions given to him by the event coordinator, event manager or visual effects director.

A lighting technician might be able to program lighting and a lighting programmer might not have the necessary knowledge to repair lighting gear. However, both the lighting technician and the lighting programmer depending on their level of experience, are able to fill in the lighting designer role and provide professional lighting design ideas and lighting layouts for your events.

Event Lighting Cost Vs Quality

There is a clear relevance between cost and quality. For high quality event lighting equipment and experienced lighting programmers, you will have to pay a higher event lighting rental rate and event lighting management cost.

The event lighting rental equipment owner paid a high price to acquire high quality lighting for the purpose of his lighting rental business and these are rented out to clients at a known market rates within the events industry (for high end event lighting equipment).

The only time when event lighting rental rates could be lowered is when there are contracts signed for long-term business or when the clients have become long-term regular customers.

An experienced and professional lighting programmer, who has gained vital event lighting knowledge through his time in the events industry and who has an excellent track record, will offer his services at a higher rate.

However, for event lighting rental companies of indoor event lighting and outdoor event lighting requirements who have directly hired lighting programmers, the hire rates offered are normally lower as these companies give constant continuous business to lighting programmers.

Here is a very valuable tip on what to do when:

a) you are offered very cheap event lighting rental rates on the promise that these lighting equipment can deliver high quality lighting for your events

b) you are offered low lighting programmer hire rates on the promise of guaranteed high quality event lighting management service for your events

Do two things:

Turn around and run!

If I do not have an idea of the budget how do I do about enquiring about a high quality event lighting rental service?

You can do 4 things:

Understand clearly:

  1. What you require for your event

  2. The type of event segments and performances that will take place on stage

  3. If you require ambience lighting, stage lighting and etc.

  4. And update the supplier if this is for an outdoor event lighting rental requirement or an indoor event lighting rental requirement.

Note: For an outdoor event lighting rental service requirement, update the event lighting rental service company if provisions have been made to cover and protect all equipment from weather elements.

What are some of more common types of event lighting used for indoor event lighting and outdoor event lighting?

  1. LED Wash Lights - This lighting is usually used for stage brightness for any event.

  2. Spotlight - To shine on or at a specific area to illuminate.

  3. Follow Spot - To illuminate and follow a person or a moving object.

  4. LED Par - To create ambience for a stage or environment (circular shaped lighting).

  5. LED Bar - To create ambience for a stage or environment (rectangular shaped lighting).

  6. Beam Lights - To create long-throw beam effects (stronger brightness).

  7. Wall Washer Lights - Great for ambience lighting to shine unto walls and objects

  8. Face Wash Lighting - To brighten the face area of a person.

Some of these lighting can be static or moving heads. They can be uplighting (facing upwards from ground level) and downlighting (mounted at higher level facing downwards).

These lights can also be colour changes and can create gobo effects. These lights can be used as outdoor event lighting or even as garden lights.

Here are some examples of how these event lighting look like at events:



We are an event company who are a low cost, reliable and professional one stop quality solution who can meet any event requirements in Singapore and the Southeast Asian region. We are able to keep our costs low mainly because of our low overheads, which allow us to work with low margins and offer low rates.

Do you have an event lighting rental service requirement for an upcoming event in Singapore?

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Here is another interesting read on event lighting rental:

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Thanks for taking the time and for the kind read. Have a great day!

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