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Top 3 Things You Need to Know About Event Production

Updated: Dec 27, 2022

What’s the difference between #eventproduction and event planning? To many people, they often mean the same things. However, event production is more than just planning a wedding or a birthday event.

Professional event production services in Singapore usually involve an event manager piecing together every big or small element required to deliver a spectacular, memorable event on time, from start to finish, within the agreed budget.

Whether it's a high profile event where prestigious awards will be given out or an intimate gathering, putting together an event that ignites interest and imagination while adopting best practices in project management is no easy feat. Moreover, you often have to consider various key touch points to ensure that you are truly giving an extraordinary experience.

Managing budgets, having knowledge of how the different components come together to deliver the best possible outcome, and being resourceful are important factors in delivering the best outcome on the day.

Here is an event production video that touches on the event setup aspect of an event.

With this in mind, here are three things about event production that go into creating an unforgettable event.

1. Take note of the pre-event experience

From the moment a guest is presented with the invitation, he would start forming an impression of how the event would be like. The invitation is a first touch point which requires careful consideration and planning of how you want your event to be perceived. The other pre-event touch points include:

  • The RSVP process

  • The guest arriving at the location and the greetings he/she is given. Take note of the pre-event experience Ideally, the guest should be greeted with smiles as they approach the event. Besides the visual sense created through décor and lighting, you should also find ways to leave a lasting memory by influencing the guests through their senses such as smell (ambient scent) and hearing (music).

2. Make the guests feel something

To make your event truly memorable, you got to appeal to the guests’ emotions. You can control an event's mood and emotion through lighting, scent and music, but nothing leaves a greater impression than having something that surprises your guests. Give your guests the unexpected and they will not only remember your event but also write about it on their social media.

If you’re not sure how to surprise your guests, turn to the theatre for inspiration! Making your event dramatic activates your audience’s senses, ignite their interests and provoke their imagination. Be it stage fireworks or revolving stage, make sure your audience would be awed by what you have planned.

3. You must be able to measure the event’s success

Measuring how well your event has done not only allows you to gauge your return on investments on the event production, it also offers insights to make your next event better. Generally, a successful event increases awareness of your company or brand, and it can be evaluated by their loyalty and continued participation.


Here is a video by our event company on some of our events.

Visit our event company YouTube page for more fun videos.

Planning an event is not easy and it may at times be better to leave it to a professional event production company.

Here is another fun video on event planning and management services offered by Electric Dreamz in Singapore.

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Want to hire an experienced event production company in Singapore? Contact us at or call us at +65 8586 0502 or +65 6683 9541. Alternatively, visit us at Electric Dreamz to know more about us!


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