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Wow your audience with Illuminated and LED furniture at events

Updated: Sep 21, 2023

Things to know about Illuminated and LED Furniture Rental

Whether you're organising a party, a wedding, or just looking for extraordinary decorative pieces, you have to look at the latest trend in event planning – LED furniture or also known as illuminated furniture.

LED furniture is one of the most interesting invention for the application of LED so far. It is fitted with a dense acrylic coating with LED light diodes embedded within. Such ultra-bright LED bulbs use little energy and are an innovative way to brighten up a space for a large or small scale event. LED furniture are made of high quality materials to protect against heat, rain or other weather elements.

Some LED furniture can take loads of up to 140kg, making it a robust choice for any event. The furniture is waterproof due to the acrylic content and can be used both indoors and outdoors. Most LED lights also have multiple settings, from flash or strobe to fade or smooth. In other words, LED furniture is not only innovative and clever invention, it is also very durable and energy-saving.

Rent LED Furniture for your event

If you plan to use illuminated furniture or LED furniture for an event, renting them is a great option as opposed to purchasing them. Electric Dreamz has a wide variety of LED #eventfurniturerental items that you can choose from. Going for #illuminatedfurniturerental and LED furniture rental can turn any event into a stunning one and make your event a more memorable one. They are cheap and can definitely 'Wow' your guests!

When do you use LED Furniture?

LED furniture is great for party settings such as outdoor venues, bars and nightclubs. The LED chairs, stools and cocktail tables are perfect for setting the mood at any get-together or making a bold statement. The benefit of these illuminated furniture is that they can be used for both indoors or outdoors and still have the same visual effect.

LED furniture is available in a wide range of designs, colours, and sizes, making them versatile and they can be used in a vast number of ways to add a lovely glow to your event. Illuminated furniture such as chairs, tables, planters, candle holders, benches, cube seats, and dance floors can be placed in places such as wedding venues, restaurants, hotels, poolsides, exhibitions, nightclubs, gardens and lobbies, the possibilities are limitless!

Besides dark settings, the LED furniture can also work during the daytime when the LED lights are off, as they have a clean, bright white exterior which is beautiful and can meet the needs of any event designer's ideas.

How to choose the right colours for your LED furniture?

You can use the power of colours to evoke different emotions in your visitors with LED furniture. You can choose the colour that best suits the occasion, such as providing illuminated furniture for a product launch event in your corporate brand colour.

The list below shows you how to use the colour of the LED furniture to set the mood for your event:

  • Black – Power, Elegance, Classy, Sophistication

  • White – Purity, Elegance, Peace

  • Red – Passion, Desire, Romance

  • Blue – Calm, Honour, Sorrow, Loyalty

  • Green – Envy, Energy, Optimism

  • Yellow – Joy, Energy

  • Purple – Wealth, Wisdom, Nobility

  • Brown – Nature, Classy, Confidence

  • Orange – Energetic, Youth, Creativity, Enthusiasm


Here is a fun video on our string lighting rental service.

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Want to hire an experienced and reliable illuminated and LED furniture rental company in Singapore? Contact us at or call us at +65 8586 0502 or +65 6683 9541. Visit us at Electric Dreamz!


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