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Creative Ways To Use Rented LED Walls For Your Events

Updated: Sep 21, 2023

There is no exaggeration in saying that LED walls are the best thing to have been invented for use in the events industry. Renting LED video walls for your events go a long way to elevate the jazz of any event to another level. Video walls work amazingly well for sports events, concerts, corporate events, and even dance parties. Everyone is aware of how an #LEDwallrental service is normally used in an event; but what if you can get more out of your LED video wall? There are creative ways to use an LED wall which is far more innovative and attractive for your event! Check out these extraordinary ways to use an #LEDwall to woo your audience.

Here are creative ways to use your LED wall rental service for events.

Ambient Motion Graphics as a Backdrop!

LED video walls arranged behind the stage as a backdrop has a lot of potential in elevating the performances on the stage. Your hired video technician, who is normally included with the LED video wall rental service package, will have a collection of ambient motion graphics to play in the background during performances like dances, concerts or plays. LED walls can be used to eliminate the usage of props completely for theatrical performances as you can just have them in the background- moving and alive! So instead of making props like trees, mountains or houses for your play, just use a video that can be displayed behind your stage which will look more real and convincing to the audience. For an outdoor concert, get yourself hooked with some abstract motion graphics that can go in-sync with the music; there is no limit for your creativity- a concert like 'Tomorrowland' just is a click away!

Here is a short fun video on how to ensure quality LED video wall rentals for your events.

Quality Content for your Presentation

It is amazing how differently you can use LED wall rental and get amazing outputs every single time! If you are organizing an event like a 'TedX' talk where the speaker will be talking and would need some visual aids to convey the ideas more clearly to an audience, video walls come in handy. You can play presentations, images, graphs and videos that would support your speech and make a better impression in front of your audience. A visual presentation is so much more appealing than a person just talking in front of a mic. Yes, you can use a projector but when it is an LED wall you don’t have to worry about lighting conditions or shadows. Your presentation will be perfect every single time. It is important to remember that a high quality LED wall is required for these type of visuals to appear clearly for your guests.

Brand Promotions and Corporate Events

If you think renting a LED video wall is useless for a promotional event you are planning on having, you are mistaken. There are ways to use LED wall rental service in Singapore to benefit your brand and let your brand voice reach a bigger audience! Get an LED video wall rental for your next promotional event and display some of your best advertisements in the background. You could even plan on having a little contest where you display a task or question on your video wall and get the audience involved in the whole activity. If you have a brand mascot, you could play an animated video of them in the background while you conduct the event. The best part is, even if you are having the event in a mall, the lighting can never get affected no matter how bright the existing lighting is! This is way increasingly more clients are choosing to include LED video wall rental service for their events instead of using a projector and screen.

Here is a short fun video on why you should only consider an LED video wall instead of a projector for outdoor day events.

When it comes to corporate events, the best use of LED video wall rental is to use it for displaying the logo and vision but it can be also used to display the company’s achievements so the guests can know more about the organization and values. LED wall rentals will help you to reduce the need for more decorations on the stage! This means you can push that budget towards getting an LED video wall instead of just a projector and screen. You can arrange the LED video wall to make it look like a decorative background for a part of the show and change the theme according to whatever is happening on the stage dynamically. If the number of guests is huge, you could live-stream the event on the LED wall so that nobody misses out!

These days you can always get a good deal for LED video wall rental service by engaging the service months in advance as event companies or AV rental companies usually provide at a lower discounted rental rate.

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Here is a fun video by our event company on event setup and production.

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Here is a short video on some of our latest events.

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Here is another short video of some of our latest events.


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