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Make Your Party A Blast With These Easy And Fun Games With A Party Planner

Updated: Jul 20, 2023

When planning a party, we always think of food, venue, music, and games. Whoever your guests are, games are always a universal way to bring people together. Don’t worry if you have little time to think of games for your party, here are some games ideas from #partyplanners.

You can always hire a party planner to take care of everything for you.

Here’s a list of games we’ve prepared for you:

1. Never Have I Ever

Everyone sits in a circle. The game begins with one person saying “Never have I ever…” and saying something they have never done before. An example can be “Never have I ever eaten spinach, never have I ever gone to Indonesia, etc.” If the players have done this before, they need to put a finger down until all their 5 fingers are down. Whoever has no more 5 fingers down first will win the game. A great game for an adult party.

2. Musical Chairs

This game is always played on kids’ birthdays but this game can be for adults too. Put chairs in a circle with one less chair for everyone who’ll play. When the music starts, everyone will need to circle the chairs. When the music stops, they will have to sit on a chair until they won’t be able to. He or she will now be eliminated from the game. The same thing will happen for the next rounds until there will be one winner. This is a popular game used by kids birthday party planners and adult party planners.

3. Charades

This one’s a classic. The rules are also simple. You just have to choose one person who’ll act out a word or a group of words prepared in advance. Another variation of this can be dividing the players into two groups. And having the two groups assign one person who’ll act out the words. The rest of the group will be guessing the mystery word being acted out. The team with the most number of words guessed within one minute will win the game. This party game is usually used in adult parties.

4. Spoons and Eggs Relay

This can be played by both adults and children. You just need spoons and eggs. Divide the players into teams. Have them line up. Everyone will be biting the handle part of the spoon and one egg per team will be given. On the signal of the game master, the first person on the line will balance the egg on the spoon while walking at a certain distance then go back and pass the egg on to the next player. The next player will do the same thing until there are no more players left. The group or team who finishes first will win. If there is an outdoor space available, this is a fun party game for both kids and adults. This is an awesome team building game too!

5. Two Truths and a Lie

This game is a perfect game for people who don’t know each other yet. Have everyone face each other. One person will start saying two truths and one lie about himself. Then the rest of the players will guess which one is the lie. When everyone has guessed which one is the lie in the three statements, the person who told two truths and a lie will reveal which one is the lie. When you play this game, it would be fun to disguise your statement as interesting things that wouldn’t be easy to guess. Unlike the earlier game this party game is a fun indoor party game and even a great icebreaker game party planning companies and committees can consider, especially if it is an office party so everyone can get to know each other better and have fun while at it!

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