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5 Tips for Professional Conference Organisers and Seminar Organisers in Singapore

Updated: Mar 27, 2020

Here are 5 tips for professional conference organisers in Singapore:

  1. Choose the conference theme and invite the right conference speakers.

  2. Delegate the work and do not overburden yourself unnecessarily.

  3. Leave the technical stuff to the audio visual specialists.

  4. Engage professional marketing companies to spread the work and sell tickets.

  5. Plan early and choose an awesome conference venue.


Engaging the right seminar and conference speakers the important consideration for any seminars and conferences.

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As a professional conference organiser, based on the theme selected, it is your job to look for the renowned experts in that field. This is essentially your product and attraction for your conference.

Invited guests or the people who will consider purchasing a ticket for your conference will read up on the background of your speakers and decide if it is attractive enough for them.

The people who will be interested in your theme normally would already have some knowledge and would like to know more and get more in-depth information on that particular topic or products.

Is it expensive to engage an expert and renowned speakers for conferences?

Budget well for your conference and be prepared to pay a substantial sum for expert conference speakers. There are normally 3 ways to pay a professional and expert speaker for your conference, depending on the requirements of that particular invited conference speaker:

  • Expenses only for ticket, lodging, transportation and food.

  • A fixed agreed upon fee.

  • An agreed upon percentage of profit.


You are the leader and in-charge of ensuring that the conference planning and management goes smoothly to ensure event success.

As professional conference organisers and seminar organisers in Singapore, taking charge of organising a small scale seminar is relatively easy as compared to handling a large scale conference that involves a number of speakers and ticket sales.

Do not overburden yourself by trying to handle everything all on your own!

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You may not be praised for being able to handle everything on your own but you will definitely get recognition for executing a successful event from start to finish.

Delegate the work and work effectively and efficiently with your team to produce an outstanding conference that leaves lasting impressions!


Leave the conference audio visual technical stuff to the audio visual specialists. Experienced audio visual experts know what they are doing and after understanding your requirements and especially where the conference venue will be at, will be able to propose the right-fit conference sound, lighting and visual support for your event.

Professional Conference Organiser - Electric Dreamz

Organising a conference or a seminar already takes up a lot of professional conference organisers and seminar organisers time. Unless you already have years of audio visual experience, engage professional AV experts to take care of your audio visual technical stuff.

Allocate them a budget and watch them work their magic to bring your conference to life!


For professional conference organisers and seminar organisers, It is always wise to engage professional marketing companies and professional social media influencers to spread the word and reach out to potential invitees.

As a professional conference organiser, you may already have a large contact base, however, professional social media influencers and marketing companies in Singapore are able to reach out and target a niche target audience that you might not have the means to reach out to.

They are able to market your conferences and sell tickets for you. Marketing companies can also guarantee a minimum attendance level for your conferences which very early on will give you an idea of what to expect and essentially provide you with a direction on what to prepare for the conference.

For small scale seminars where you are trying to promote a particular product, you can also consider targeted flyer distribution to promote your event and reach out to potential future consumers and clients.

Take care to engage the right flyer distribution companies, some of whom can also provide you with a minimum guaranteed attendance rate, depending on the attractiveness of the promotion, discount and giveaways that you have planned for your conference and seminar event.

Let the professional event flyer distribution company advise you based on their understanding of your requirements and their extensive experience in the events industry.


Timing is everything and the right conference venue goes a long a way to guarantee you event success.

To allow you to shortlist and survey a list of potential conference venues, start the planning process early!

Awesome event venues are usually booked months in advance. As such, ensure that you have decided on and booked your conference venue early.

The choice of the conference venue is an important decision to make for conference organisers. The conference venue environment influences how your guests take to your conference event. The right conference venue and environment combined with all the right conference event elements, guarantee you event success and leave lasting impressions!

Professional Conference Organisers Singapore - Electric Dreamz

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