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Event Tentage Rental and Canopy Rental for Singapore Events

Electric Dreamz can offer all types and sizes of event tentage and canopy for events in Singapore.


We can meet any event tentage and canopy requirements in Singapore from small scale events and private parties to large scale corporate events and festivals.


We have a wide range of event canopy and event tentage for any unique event needs and requirements.


Here are some of our more unique items for event tentage rental and event canopy rental service requirements in Singapore.

For event tentage rental and canopy rental requirements in Singapore, the information that we require in order to understand and provide the best quote possible is as follows,

  1. No. of Pax (Max)

  2. Is there an event stage, AV equipment and any other event elements that need to be sheltered too.

  3. Is there a budget allocated for the event tentage rental or canopy rental service requirements that we can try to meet for you.

  4. Are there any additional requirements that we should include as a package for the event tentage rental and canopy rental such as, fans, air-con units, lighting, a power generator and etc.

Feel free to contact us for a non-obligatory discussion.

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Event Tentage Rental | Canopy Rental

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