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Quality Equipment, Low Rental Rates, Reliable Service

Electric Dreamz can provide event special effects equipment and rental service for confetti, snow, bubble and smoke machines, and event services support for any scale and requirements. We can provide special effects equipment and machine rental for corporate events, private events, grand openings, government events and all live events in Singapore.

We also offer attractive quotes on a variety and wide range of Special Effects Creating Equipment like;

  1. Electronic Canon Confetti

  2. Snow Machines

  3. Bubble Machines

  4. Smoke-Jets

  5. Dry-Ice Machines

  6. Flame Machines

  7. Foggers

  8. 20", 40" & 60" I-Balls (For Launches)

  9. 8", 12", 20" & 36" Mirror Balls

  10. Electric Balls

  11. LED Star Cloths

We can offer attractive rental rates to meet your budgets for your events in Singapore. Alternatively, we can also survey and recommend you a proposal that best suits your event requirements.


We can provide technical crew, 24/7 customer service and advice.

Feel free to check out Electric Dreamz special effects event equipment rental and audio visual equipment related blogs and explanatory videos.

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