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Why You Should Rent LED Wall For Your Event

Updated: Oct 22, 2023

A LED wall is a modern way to display graphics, videos, and photos for events. Before the LED Wall era, we used projector screens for showing graphics. While projector screens are still used today, these not as clear or as high quality as LED walls. Whether you’re hosting a private or public event, deciding to include #LEDwallrental service, can have a huge positive impact on the overall theme and quality of the event. A LED wall is commonly used for concerts, conferences, and big events but it can also be used for small private events such as a weddings or birthdays. Aside from it giving your event a big upgrade with live feeds, it can also be useful in displaying information, presentation slides, and pre-recorded videos. For weddings and birthdays, you can display slideshows for your guests to view. #LEDvideowallrental service used to require a much higher budget however prices have come down a lot.

Here are reasons why you should include LED wall rental service for your event:

1. Entertainment

Renting a LED wall means you get flexibility on what kind of entertainment you can provide to your guests. You can show them high quality videos and photos. You can also play next-level games with a LED wall. A LED wall can also serve as your background on stage with a holding image. The background can be flexible based on what image or video you would like to display. You have full control over what you want displayed on the LED wall with a video technician who will be deployed by the event company or AV company that you engage for your event. Take note of the required resolutions and aspect ratios so that images and videos displayed will remain high quality. It’s possible that low-quality photos and videos won’t look good on a LED wall. Prepare in advance what needs to be displayed on the LED wall for different parts of the event and forward these to the event company or AV company in advance or at the very latest provide these to them during the AV setup and testing day, especially if this is to take place 1 or 2 days before event, so they can test these on the LED wall to ensure these will be displayed in high quality for your guests. LED walls can also be used as pre-event entertainment. While your guests are waiting for the event to start, you can use the LED wall to show pre-event videos.

2. Experience

Having a LED wall for your event provides a different level of experience. You don’t have to worry if the guests are far from the stage because they’ll be able to see the LED wall from where they are. A LED wall can also provide a live streaming video. A live streaming video displayed on the LED wall will get everyone involved in every single detail that is happening at the event. Just ensure that there is a good distance of about 6-10 metres from the first row of guests to the LED wall to ensure quality viewing by these guests.

3. Easy to use

A LED wall is an advanced technology. And even though it’s advanced, it’s easy to navigate and use. It can be used with HDMI, VGA, and DVI. The LED wall squares are put together to create one big picture. It’s like puzzle pieces put together. You can control what displays on the LED wall through a computer just like a projector screen. You can show galleries and videos on a larger scale for your audience when you use it. Projector screens are not advisable to be used in a non-airconditioned or hot outdoor environment as they get overheated easily. However, LED walls are more durable and can be used in non-airconditioned environments like an outdoor space. So if you are having an outdoor daytime event, it's definitely more advisable to engage LED wall rental service for your event.

4. Energy efficient

You’d be surprised to know that LED walls are more energy-efficient than the usual TV screens. When you rent it for your event, you don’t have to worry about high electricity costs. You can also engage an outdoor LED wall rental service for your event. Outdoor LED walls are waterproof. So, if you want to use it outdoors, it is a great idea to engage an outdoor LED wall rental service for your outdoor event so you will not have to worry about rain.

Here is a fun video by Electric Dreamz that touches on this point.

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