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LED Wall Rental: 8 Important Things You Need To Know About Renting LED Video Walls For Events

Updated: Nov 29, 2023

Are you looking for LED Wall Rental Service in Singapore for an upcoming event?

What are the important things that you need to know about renting LED wall for events?

LED wall is an event element and item that you can include for your events as stage backdrop to display and show anything that you require including:

  • live feed of the event through a roving videographer

  • company and history videos

  • individual or founder's autobiography

  • slides for conferences and talk shows

  • a set of different background images based on the stage segments

LED video walls can even be placed around the event venue to create a life-like environment for your event guests. You can always get great ideas from your event company or the #LEDwallrental company. Depending on the type of event, #LEDvideowallrental companies through their vast experience can offer you great advice.


What are the 3 main differences between projectors and LED video walls?

LED Wall Rental Cost Vs Projector Rental Cost

LED walls rental rates are more expensive than projector rental rates.

However, #LEDwallrental rates can be low when:

  1. LED wall rental companies have a promotional period, usually during off-peak season or periods.

  2. LED wall rental companies support partner event companies with low LED wall rental rates due to their close working relationships.

  3. LED wall rental companies work with event companies to meet client budgets.

  4. Event companies who are are engaged to offer event packages are able to quote much lower for the LED video wall rental rates as part of the whole package.

  5. Event companies can negotiate with their LED video wall companies who are their AV rental partners to meet client budgets.

Image and Video Quality

Projectors and screens are an excellent choice for nighttime events or for daytime events that are at dark indoor event venues.

For bright areas an expensive high lumens projector must be used and the rental rates for a high lumens projectors are high and if you are working closely with an event partner, either an event company or an LED wall rental company, you will find an LED wall rental service that can meet your event needs at the same or a slightly higher rental rates.

LED walls are the ideal choice for brightly lit event venues or for outdoor daytime events.

Long Duration Events

Sometimes a projector is not an ideal choice for long duration events. This is as projectors use bulbs that have a lifetime and if maintenance is not carried out, an unfortunate incident where the bulb blows out during an event is a possible situation that may occur.

A projector lamp is more likely to blow out for long usage in an event venue without air-conditioning due to over-heating. Over-heating is one of the number one cause of lamp failures.

However, if your event in an air-conditioned environment, a projector that is well-maintained can last throughout a long duration event.

LED walls on the other hand do not have this issue and are safe choice for long duration events at event venues with no air-conditioning.


Here are the 8 things you need to know before sourcing for LED wall rental service in Singapore:


LED wall sizes are measured through per panel size. Panels are placed together to form large LED walls according to event LED wall size requirements.

In Singapore, for LED wall rentals, per panel sizes are usually,

500mm (H) x 500mm (L) x 100mm (W)

500mm (H) x 1500mm (L) x 100mm (W)

For example, for a 4m (L) by 3m (H) LED wall size, for a 500mm by 500mm LED panel size, 48 panels will be required.

For a 4m (L) by 3m (H) LED wall size, for a 500mm by 1500mm LED panel size, 24 panels will be required.

Take note that the gaps between panels will not be visible at the guests' viewing distance.



The viewing distance is an important factor in deciding the LED wall specifications required for your events.

The nearer the viewing distance from the first seated guest at your event, the higher the LED wall specifications will be required.

In order for the LED wall rental or event company to understand what type of LED wall is required, more information must be provided such as,

  • the formats and types of images and videos that will be shown

  • the seating distance from the first guest to the LED wall

For example, for a seating distance of about 6m from the first guest to the LED wall, a P3 LED wall is recommended.



For LED wall heights of more than 3 metres, PE endorsements are required which adds to the cost of the LED wall rental.

PE endorsements are a requirement in Singapore for working at heights.



LEW services are necessary when a large LED wall is included for events.

The LEW will certify that the power at the event venue is sufficient for the LED wall. LEW services are part of the LED wall rental costs. LEW services are also part of the event venue requirements.



The term flying means the LED wall will be installed above ground level. This is normally for a large audience event where you want to provide all guests with an unobstructed view or when there is space constraint.

Take note that a space allowance of at least 1 metre from the rear of the LED wall is required for ground level installation.

#LEDwalls can also be raised by placing them on platforms.

As mentioned earlier, for flying LED wall, which means working at a height of more than 3 metres will require the PE endorsement.

Venue survey by the LED wall rental or event company is required in order to quote accordingly.



LED wall image and video source is usually through a computer or laptop connected through HDMI or VGA cables.

It is important to note that the quality of the LED wall image and video quality is 100% dependent on the image and video quality from the source.

Image and video aspect ratio is the size ratio of the image and video that will appear on the LED wall. It is important to first understand the aspect ratio from the computer or laptop before deciding on the LED wall aspect ratio and size for your events.

If you are unsure about aspect ratios, it is best to consult the LED wall rental and event companies for professional advice.

Take note that is you get the aspect ratio wrong, the image and video shown on the LED wall will be distorted with stretched or small images and videos.



LED walls will be installed in a neat and presentable manner with all cables and wires hidden.

The LED wall can be installed to sit in backdrops. The small gaps around the LED wall between the LED wall and backdrops can be:

  1. Covered with neatly inserted black cloths.

  2. Backdrop carpenter can be present to adjust the area between the LED wall and the backdrop to allow the LED wall to sit as perfectly as possible in the backdrop.



LED wall video technicians are also included for LED wall rental service and packages for events.

Experienced video technicians professionally manage LED walls throughout events. LED wall video technicians are always included as part of LED wall rental service and packages.


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About Electric Dreamz - Event Company in Singapore

Electric Dreamz is a professional, reliable and low cost one stop quality solution event management company for all live events, including social event and corporate events in Singapore.

Electric Dreamz can meet all your event AV equipment rental requirements including sound system rental, event lighting rental, LED wall rental and projector rental in Singapore.

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We can provide both outdoor LED wall rental and indoor LED wall rental services for events in Singapore.

Electric Dreamz can also provide LED video wall installation and integration services for fixed and permanent installations at event venues, facilities and shopping centres, including for outdoor spaces.

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The Electric Dreamz team believes in 3 core values and apply these in everything that we do:





Are you looking for professional, reliable, low cost and quality LED Wall Rental service in Singapore for an upcoming event?

Electric Dreamz is now offering attractive rental rates for P3 LED walls.


Electric Dreamz provides:

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  • 24 Hours Service


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