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Quality Sound System, Low Rental Rates and Reliable Service

Electric Dreamz can provide sound system rental service and support for any scale and requirements. We can provide sound system rental for outdoor events, concerts, weddings, discos, roadshows and all live events in Singapore.

What makes us special and unique and why are we able to provide a sound system rental service in Singapore that guarantees quality event sound delivery for your events?

Electric Dreamz AV technicians, including soundman and audio technicians are experienced and passionate professionals with years of excellent track records in the events industry. They professionally manage event sound systems delivering high quality sound throughout events.

All our sound system rental packages include an experienced and professional soundman to guarantee you professionally managed high quality sound for your events.

Secondly, we work in partnership with a sound system rental supplier in Singapore who only carries high quality sound systems. The third reason why we can guarantee you quality sound with our sound system rental service and package is because our partner regularly maintains and services all his sound systems and audio visual equipment. AV equipment, including sound systems must be regularly maintained to ensure durability and uninterrupted quality sound.

These are the three key factors that combine to ensure high quality sound for all our events. Please feel free to request for our client references or visit our event company page to view some of Electric Dreamz clients' reviews.

We can offer attractive quotes for a variety and wide range of Sound System Rental Gears:

  1. Mixer Rental and Player Rental

  2. PA System Rental

  3. Dinner and Dance Sound System Rental

  4. Line-Array System Rental

  5. Microphone Rental and Wireless Microphone Rental

  6. Outdoor Sound System Rental

  7. Portable Sound System Rental

  8. Wedding Sound System Rental

We do non-obligatory surveys, conduct 'Live' sound tests and provide expert advice based on the location, environment and mood to ensure high quality sound for the audience and guests at events.

Please take note that the most important information we need in order to package the perfect-fit sound system rental service package for your events is the number of guests that will be attending the event.


Before we can provide you with a sound system rental quotation, we need to know how many guests are expected to attend so we can understand the type of sound system rental package that will be required. This is to ensure that we have offered you the best sound system rental package for your event.

We can do all sound system set-ups and installations, and provide professional soundman and sound engineers for expert management of all event sound.

We also provide expert advice for clubs, pubs and discotheques.

Feel free to check out Electric Dreamz
sound system rental blogs and explanatory videos.


Sound System Rental in Singapore - What You Need For Event Band Performances

What items and equipment are needed in the sound system rental package if you have included band performances for your events in Singapore?

Here is a list of the important things to include for your sound system rental service and package for band performances.


  1. Band Equipment

  2. Sound System - High-end Speakers and Sound Console

  3. Stage Monitors

  4. DI Units

  5. Experienced and Professional Soundman

  6. Stagehand


Read all about what you need to include in your sound system rental packages if you have included band performances for your events.

5 Important Points on Understanding Your PA Sound System Requirements


What you need to know before sourcing for your event sound system rental requirements in Singapore.

Have you ever rented a PA sound system for an event in Singapore?


Did you find it a challenge to select the best PA sound system rental or event company in Singapore for your event?

Here we share 5 important pieces of information required before you start looking for sound system rental or event company to rent your PA sound system from.

What are the 5 Important Pieces of Information required to understand your PA sound system requirements?


To rent the correct and right-fit sound system for your event, it is important to understand your exact requirements which are:

  1. Number of guests attending the event

  2. Venue location (indoor or outdoor)

  3. Date and time of event

  4. PA sound system rental budget

  5. Any other specific needs and requirements (for example, if deejay required)

Read all about what information you need to gather before sourcing for your event sound system rental requirements in Singapore

Sound System Rental Service - Low Cost Rental, Quality Sound System, Reliable Service

6 Important points that make Electric Dreamz the ideal choice for your event sound system requirements in Singapore

High-end event sound system rental at low rates, with experienced and professional event setup crew and sound technicians and reliable sound system rental services in Singapore.


Why choose us for your event sound system rental requirements?

Here are the 6 reasons why:


  1. We ask the right questions and gather as much information possible to ensure we have the right information to offer the right sound system rental package for your events, including conducting event venues surveys, where necessary.

  2. Our professional and experience event setup crew ensure that everything is done right, from the delivery time up to clearance.

  3. Electric Dreamz conducts thorough pre-event checks of the sound equipment after setup and once again prior to event start time to ensure uninterrupted and high quality delivery throughout events.

  4. Our soundman and sound technicians are experienced professionals with excellent track records in the events industry, who are passionate about their work, paying meticulous attention to detail and skillfully managing event sound for high quality delivery throughout events from start to finish.

  5. Electric Dreamz is partnered with an audio visual rental company in Singapore who not only carry high-end sound equipment, they routinely service and maintain their audio visual equipment which prevents audio visual equipment from deteriorating in quality and causing issues at events.

  6. Electric Dreamz is a full service one stop solution company for audio visual equipment, including sound system rental for all live events in Singapore.

Read more about why Electric Dreamz is the right choice to provide you with event sound system rental service requirements in Singapore


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