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Sound System Rental in Singapore: What You Need For Event Band Performances

Updated: Aug 13, 2022

What items and equipment are needed in the sound system rental package if you have included band performances for your events in Singapore?

Here is a list of the important things to include for your #soundsystemrental service and package for band performances.

  1. Band Equipment

  2. Sound System

  3. Stage Monitors

  4. DI Units

  5. Soundman

  6. Stagehand



Band equipment types and rental requirements depend entirely on the preferences of the band members and performers. Band members may at times request for a specific model and type of band equipment to suit his or her unique style.

A reliable, experienced and professional sound system rental or event company that has been engaged for your event will usually ask if band performances have been included for your event and, will ask for the band equipment rental requirements.



A high-end sound system is required for band performances to ensure high quality sound delivery throughout the event.

A basic sound system rental package for events includes:

  • Speakers

  • Microphones

  • Sound Console



Stage monitors are speakers that are placed on stage facing the band. The purpose of these stage monitors is for the band to monitor their music and sound.

Stage monitors are an important part of any band performance and must be included in the sound system rental service package that you engage for your events.



Remember to include DI units for your band. DI units are required for band performances as they minimise unwanted noise, distortion and ground loops.

A professional sound system rental and event company will enquire if there is a band performance included as an event entertainment segment for your events, however, it is always important for clients to keep their sound system rental service provider and event company updated on all stage performances that have been included for the event.

DI units are used to connect band equipment to the mixing console's microphone input jack.



A professional, passionate and experienced soundman is an essential part of any sound system rental service package engaged for band performances.

A soundman expertly manages the delivery of sound throughout events to ensure high quality sound. Professional music bands sometimes even have their own soundman who travels with them to manage sound at different event venues.

Here is a blog by Electric Dreamz titled:

Event Crew and AV Technicians Are The Most Underrated Event Elements Considered For Successful Events In Singapore



A stagehand is hired to assist with event setup, coordinate stage elements and ensure smooth changeover between segments.

A stagehand is especially important for music band performances when:

  • the band changes band equipment to perform their next gig and performance segment

  • when the next segment is for a different music band group with different requirements


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Want to find out more about sound system and support services for band performances in Singapore or require a sound system rental service package for an upcoming event in Singapore that has band performances?

Feel free to contact us at or call us at +65 8586 0502 or +65 6683 9541.

Alternatively, please feel free to visit Electric Dreamz to find out more about our sound system rental in Singapore.


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Thanks for the read and hope you found it informative. Have a great day!

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