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Important Things To Know About Sound System Rental

Updated: Nov 9, 2023

This blog touches on the important things that one needs to know about event sound system rental service.

Why Do You Need a Sound System Rental Service for Your Event?

Basically a #soundsystemrental service is ideal to boost and manage the sound quality of an audio signal and then provide the corresponding output from the speaker system that the guests can listen to and enjoy at an indoor or outdoor venue. A sound technician, soundman or event deejay manages the sound system throughout the event to ensure high quality sound to enhance any event.

What Does a Sound System Rental Service Include?

Sound system rental service depending on your event sound needs and requirements can include,

  • mixers

  • microphones

  • processors

  • amplifiers

  • wires and cables

  • DI (direct input) boxes

  • in-ear monitors

  • audio jacks

  • loudspeakers

A sound man is is usually present to fine tune the #soundsystem during setup and testing. He then manages the event sound throughout the event using the sound mixer. Instead of a sound man, and event deejay is also sometimes engaged to play and manage music and the sound system throughout the event. Sometimes he may be assisted by a sound technician at big events.

What are the Types of Events That Require A Sound System Rental Service?

Generally most live events would require a sound system rental service, such as,

  • conferences

  • live band performances

  • deejay segments

  • dinner & dance

  • carnivals

  • concerts

and etc.

Why Do You Need To Know Your Venue and Event Details?

It is important to know your venue information before requesting for a sound system rental service, especially for big events. As experienced and professional event companies and sound system rental companies usually will request for an appointment for site recce to ensure that the right sound equipment is recommended according to the event space.

Some may think that just by describing the venue and details will be sufficient for the event company or sound system rental company to understand the sound system rental requirements. However, for big events, the event company or sound system rental company can only understand what is required and recommend the most suitable sound equipment according to your needs, after a site survey. There are also times when the event company or sound system rental has serviced clients at that particular event venue before, then a site survey would not be required.

Type and Number of Speakers to Rent?

Depending on the venue space, number of guests and type of event, the types and number of sound equipment required is different. For example, when you have a wide and spacious ballroom, two speakers will not be enough as it will not be enough to cover the whole area which means, you will definitely have to add more speakers to ensure quality sound and enhance your event. If you have a narrow and spacious area you can alternatively have line array speakers rigged to the top to ensure the coverage of the sound can reach right to the back area. The event company or sound system rental company you engage can provide you with the best advice to ensure high quality sound for your event.

What Types Microphones to Consider?

It is good to know what types of microphones are needed such as, headset microphone which can be used if the speaker is going to be hands-on such as for cooking show or a fitness instructor, where he or she is unable to hold the microphone.

Lavalier microphones (a small microphone worn around the neck) are commonly used by guest speakers. Also take note that for ladies proper clothing is required so these microphones can be clipped on and it is also advisable to have pockets to keep the belt packs which come with these lavelier microphones.

Rostrum microphones can be used by guests of different heights at events. The microphones on the rostrums are usually adjusted for different speakers. The event organizers usually take the responsibility at events to ensure the microphones are adjusted accordingly for the different speakers.

Handheld microphones are suitable for roving emcees, singers, Q&A and even for panel discussions where there is no time to mic-up lavelier.

How to Ensure High Quality Sound For Your Events?

Many clients think that all that is required for high quality sound for their events is to rent high-end sound equipment. However, the most critical component to ensure high quality sound is to ensure that you have an experienced sound technician, soundman or event deejay. They are the ones who can bring out the high event sound quality of these high-end sound equipment, through expert fine tuning and professional sound management with the sound mixer throughout the event. Event companies and sound system rental service companies usually include a sound technician, soundman or event deejay, depending on the type of event and the requirements, in the event sound system rental service packages.


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