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AV Technicians, Event Crew Bookings

  • Event Crew Hire - Large Scale Event Setups

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    12 hr

    250 Singapore dollars
  • Event Crew Hire - Medium Scale Event Setups

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    12 hr

    200 Singapore dollars
  • Event Crew Hire - Small Scale Event Setups

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    12 hr

    170 Singapore dollars

Online Booking Service for Event Setup and Teardown Crew,
Experienced Local AV Technicians, including
Lighting Programmers, Sound Technicians,
Video Technicians and Stagehands in Singapore

A typical event work day for an event setup crew includes,

  1. Event setup crew arriving at Warehouse for loading and proceeding to the event venue

  2. Unloading at the event venue

  3. AV equipment setup (this is when the AV technicians, including lighting programmers, soundman and video technicians, normally arrive to assist with the programming and setups)

  4. AV equipment testing by AV technicians

  5. AV equipment management by AV technicians, while the event setup crew are on standby or leave for other event venue setups on that day

  6. AV equipment teardown and loading by event setup crew

  7. Proceeding back to warehouse for unloading

The event setup crew and AV technicians are normally provided with lunch and dinner (for event end time is after 8pm). The event setup crew and AV technicians are also given additional transport reimbursements (with taxi receipts) for events that they have to report in before 7am and report off after 11:30pm.

Hire Event Setup and Teardown Crew or Hire AV Technicians Online Now

Here is a fun video that shows what a typical event work day would be like (timings given are only an estimated based on small scale events).


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Event Crew and Audio Visual Technician Online Booking

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