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9 Key Points That Make An Event Company in Singapore The Right Choice For Your Events

Updated: Mar 13

Ever wondered what makes an #eventcompany the perfect choice for your events in Singapore? Have you ever experienced these situations (video) for your corporate event, MICE event, birthday party, adult private party and weddings in Singapore?


"What I Want and What I Don't Want For My Events"

Here are 9 key points that make an event company in Singapore the ideal choice for your birthday parties, private adult parties, weddings, MICE events and corporate events in Singapore.


Event experience is a vital factor in choosing the right event company for your event planning and event management requirements. Events experience can be in two ways.

Event Company Experience

The first is at company level, which means that the event company has been in the business for many years and has good reputation in the events industry. An event company is only as good as the event crew and staff that work for them.

Personal Experience

This is experience at a personal level where the appointed event coordinator and event manager for your event has many years of experience in the events industry, having an excellent track record.

An event coordinator and event manager who has been in the events industry for many years means that he or she has been involved in many events and is known in the events industry to have excellent track records.

Additionally, if the appointed event coordinator or event manager, during his or her time in the events industry, has been involved in these events at different levels, for example, being an event crew, event setup crew or a technician controlling and managing AV equipment, means that they have that added knowledge to be able to provide you with valuable advice and insights into your event requirements to ensure that every event element is the right fit for your events.


Time management is critical to ensuring event success. This is a basic trait that most event company coordinators and event managers have that make them efficient in their event management work.

Managing and Coordinating Event Suppliers

Time management is not only at a personal level but in how well they manage event suppliers and keep track of deadlines. An event coordinator and event manager who provides frequent and constant updates is usually a good indicator of time management capability.


Having equipment technical knowledge is essential especially for if you have audio visual equipment requirements for your event. This is dependant on the event company's staff experience.

However, usually if event companies do not have staff who have the required technical knowledge, they work closely with their AV equipment suppliers who provide them with the necessary technical advice and assistance.

How having event equipment technical knowledge brings value?

For example, event companies who have event coordinators and event managers who have worked as AV technicians before, are able to provide you with valuable advice on the required specifications for your event lighting equipment, event sound system, and visual requirements.

They are able to advise you if your chosen event AV requirements are the right choice and the right fit for that chosen event venue. This ensures high quality event sound, event lighting and visuals delivery for your events.


Event companies are equipped to provide you with event design services for your events and to meet any of your design requirements.

This can be through their in-house designers, through a part-time professional designer or through an external source and design company.

Event design costs are kept low if an event company has an in-house designer or if they engage a part-time professional designer as and when the need for design work arises.

Here is the usual design work process:

  1. The understanding of your theme and requirements by the event company.

  2. Incorporating your theme and idea with creative input from the event company's designer

  3. Providing you with completed design options to choose from and finalise


Experienced event crew requirements for your events from needs like ushers to event equipment setup are usually outsourced to external manpower agencies and companies, especially if a high number of staffing is required for your events.

A responsible and professional event company will provide training when required to ensure that these part-timers understand what is expected of them and their job scope requirements.

AV technician experience and capability is actually one of the most overlooked factor by most event companies and clients. An AV technician can actually make or break your event.

Professional event sound system, event lighting, LED wall and video management throughout an event by an experienced audio visual technician is critical to ensuring event success.

Sound, lighting and video touches upon the human sight and hearing senses which play a very direct role in moulding your guests' opinion of your event. Bad sound and lighting directly affects the quality of your stage talk, performance and entertainment which are key event elements.

Event companies who can engage the right lighting programmers, soundman and sound technicians, and guarantee you quality event lighting and event sound delivery throughout the event are the ones that you should engage for your event.

AV technicians are usually not in the employ of event companies and are usually engaged from event suppliers or from a professional pool of part-timers.


Event companies in Singapore must have the right and precise information from you about your event requirements and the chosen event venue to understand if you require permits which are required by law.

For example, COMPASS license for outdoor events is required by law in Singapore for playing background music.

A professional event company will request for precise event information from you to ascertain if any of these permits and licenses are required.

Here is a list of permits that are applicable for events in Singapore:


Transparency and integrity are core values in an event company that your should look for. These values go a long way to establish mutually beneficial long-term business relationships between an event company and a client.

For example, if you have decided on a particular set of event lighting requirements and the event company, through their extensive knowledge, knows that you have over-budgeted unnecessarily for too many event lighting and that you can achieve the same or even better lighting effects through a different lighting design using lesser lighting, the knowledge shared here will save your company money!

However, for this to work, these core values must apply to both parties. An event company and a client who understand each other fully, are able to work together on a long term basis and ensure event success always!


An event company with professional and reliable staff ensures that all your event needs and requirements are taken care of in a timely and professional manner always. This also guarantees effective communication between the event company and you leading to efficient event planning and management for your events.


An event company that provides you with one stop solution is a guarantee that the event package that you receive for your events will be lower than if you decided to acquire different event elements from event suppliers directly.

Why does one stop solution mean lower cost?

There are 2 main reasons why a one stop solution event package means lower cost to you.

Firstly, event companies get special rates from event suppliers due to their long-term close working relationship. This close working relationship brings constant business from the event company to the event suppliers, which event suppliers treasure and will not jeopardise.

This does not mean the event suppliers will not quote you. It only means that you will not get special rates.

Secondly, through these special rates, for an event package with a number of event elements, an event company can reduce the package cost event further as their profit margin calculation is not based by per item anymore but rather based on the whole event package which means reduced cost to you.

Thus, engaging an event company to provide and supply all your event elements leads to reduced cost to you. In conclusion, engage an event company that can meet all your requirements!

Hope that this information has been useful and informative. Visit us for more information on our event services, event management service and special event services in Singapore

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