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How To Choose The Perfect Event Company For Your Next Big Event

Updated: Jul 13, 2023

Whether you are organizing a corporate event or celebrating a special milestone in your life, you must have the right events team with you. We know how stressful it is to choose a venue, photographer, catering services, and a lot more. But what are the things that you need to look out for in choosing the right event company? How do you ensure hassle-free high quality events?

Here are 5 things you need to know in choosing the right event company for your events.

1. They must have a good reputation and years of experience

When looking for an event organizer, look through their portfolio, past events, and reviews. In coordinating events there are times when there are emergencies and unforeseen events. Ask how they handled unforeseen circumstances in past events or quiz them on their actions given different situations. This way, you can be sure that if ever there are problems that might arise on the event day itself, your team will know what to do.

2. Out-of-the-Box Ideas

Although it is good to go back to the basics and have traditional elements to an event, it’s refreshing to have out-of-the-box ideas. Find out if the #eventcompany that you want to work with has suggestions and evaluate if these ideas are something that you can implement. Each event should be uniquely yours and memorable. Although events last for a moment, what is captured in the guests’ hearts and photos will always be remembered.

3. Connections with other reliable suppliers

In the events business, an established event company should have strong partnerships with suppliers for sound systems, lighting equipment, video, photography, catering, etc. Most of these people have worked with each other for many events now. If you choose an events company, ask which suppliers they have connections with. They will usually have a list of recommended suppliers that you can choose from. The events company should also have a good reputation among these suppliers and in some cases can get better discounted rental and event services rates. Usually an event company is a one stop solution to meet all your event needs and requirements.

4. Good work ethics

When having the first meeting for your event, notice if they come late or on time. Notice how they talk and present themselves. The event manager and the events staff must work with you professionally so you must notice things like these. Take note if there are red flags such as being disrespectful or being distracted while talking to you. These small things are important because you will be working with them for a special event. You would not want to encounter unnecessary problems with your event organizer along the way. Good work ethics, in the end, will still beat good talent and experience.

5. Pricing within your budget

Ask for the total quotation for the event company services. Remember to ask if tax has been included. Evaluate if there are items listed on the coverage that you will not need. If you think that you cannot compromise on one or two of the items within the coverage and you are already going out of your budget, negotiate terms on how you can still work together. In choosing the right event management company, notice how they negotiate with you. Do they offer discounts or promos? Do the services they offer to match what you need for your event? Will they negotiate on their pricing so that they will be able to meet your needs? Do they suggest cheaper alternatives? If you answered yes to these questions, then this event company is the right one for you.


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