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Event Entertainment For Corporate Events, Adult and Kids Parties

Electric Dreamz is a professional and reliable one stop quality solution event company in Singapore who can offer a wide range of corporate event entertainment and private event entertainment options including,

  1. Dinner and Dance Entertainment

  2. Corporate Party Entertainment

  3. Birthday Party Entertainment

  4. Kids Party Entertainment

  5. Adult Party Entertainment

  6. Entertainment For Launch Day Events

and All Live Events in Singapore.

We also regularly update our event entertainment page with Latest Event Entertainment Updates!

We also have a pre-event and fringe activities options page.

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For LED Light Show and LED Light Dance Show Perfect for Corporate Event Entertainment in Singapore

LED Light shows, LED Dancers and LED Dance Shows are shows that are performed by experienced professionals with the use of LED lights on their suits which come to life when the stage lights and most of the event venue lights are switched off!

These are awesome performances that bring any event to life and which your guests can thoroughly enjoy!
There are two types of LED Light Shows that you can include for your events, from local experienced LED light show entertainers to internationally well-known professional LED light show performers.

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Cost: Medium to High


Laser Light Show - Perfect for Corporate Event Entertainment in Singapore

Laser light shows although categorised under event entertainment are actually to enhance any event environment to provide your guests with truly amazing and immersive event experiences.

Laser lights can be synchronised and professionally managed to enhance any stage performances. Laser lights are professional managed by experienced laser light technicians who can programme lasers according to the event programme to produce awesome laser lighting effects to enhance any event environment and wow any crowd.

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Cost: Medium to High


For Hire of Fire Breathers and Fire Breathing Event Entertainment in Singapore

Fire breathing acts and performers combine fire spins and fire juggling that will leave any guests in awe.

These are performed by experienced professionals with years of training and who understand all the safety aspects needed to ensure every act performed is within safety limits and environment.
Fire breathing entertainers can be engaged both locally and internationally depending on clients' preferences.
It is also important to always check with the event venue that you have booked that they allow fire breathing shows at their venues.


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Cost: Medium to High


For Hire of Professional, Local Celebrity and International Celebrity Standup Comedians in Singapore

There are 3 types of standup comedians that you can include for events. One is a professional and experienced standup comedian who is known in the events industry and the other is a professional standup comedian who is a local and the comedian who is an international celebrity.

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Cost: Low to High


For Hire of The Mentalist Event Entertainment in Singapore

The mentalist is an event entertainer who reads your guests' minds and is able to amazingly read their minds and tell them what they are thinking about at that moment.
The mentalist keeps your guests engaged with a variety of mind boggling feats that is guaranteed to leave your guests in awe.

The Mentalist is perfect for both as kids party entertainment, adult party entertainment and entertainment for corporate events in Singapore.

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Cost: Low to Medium


Professional Magician and Kids Magician For Hire in Singapore

Kids Magician

A kids magician performs magic shows at kids parties and can entertain kids from ages 4 to 12. The kids magician is an entertainer who expertly engages kids with his entertaining and fun magic shows. Some kids magicians offer fun workshops packages for kids too! This is normally charged on a per kid basis.

Professional Magician
A professional who is an experienced magician, well known in the events industry with excellent portfolio, who can perform for both kids and adults parties and events. The professional magician can adjust his programme according to the event requirements, be it for children or adults. Depending on the availability of the magicians, costs vary according to the charges of different event magicians.

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Cost: Low to Medium


For Hire of Professional Dancers, Singers and Bands Event Entertainment in Singapore

Professional dancers, singers and bands engaged for events can be for local dancers, singers and bands, local well-known artistes and well-known international dancers and singers

Event entertainment dancers, singers and bands can be for any genre of music depending on clients' requirements and costs vary according to the charges by these professionals. International dancers, singers and bands costs more according to their international professional image and profile.
Dance performances can be according to cultural or music genres and singers can be for any language and music genres too. You can also include a beautiful snake dancer who after the amazing dance with a live snake will mingle with the guests for an awesome photo-taking opportunity.

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Cost: Low to High


Professional Event DJ for Fun and Exciting Disco Segments for Events

Disco segments with professional event deejays is another event entertainment option to consider, especially if you have already rented a sound system for your event and have included event lighting too!

Do you require an event deejay even if there is no disco segment planned for your event?

Yes you most definitely do! Event deejays are required to professionally manage sound and play the right background music according to the theme, the segment and the atmosphere.

Event deejays are experienced and passionate professionals who understand the event flow and ensure that all music playback is according to the programme flow and their understanding of the event environment.

For more information on Event Entertainment...

Cost: Low to Medium


Professional Emcee to Engage Guests with Fun Games and Games Prizes

We work with professional and experienced event emcees who can expertly engage your event guests with fun games and give out game prizes to participants.

They will normally play 2-3 games of about 20 to 30 minutes each. These games usually take place on stage and sometimes off-stage too!

Upon acceptance of service rates, we normally will suggest a meeting with clients so the emcee to finalise the type of games that will played at the events.


10-15 game prizes per game are included in the emcee service package offered to clients.

An emcee hosts the entire event as well.

As for the AV requirements, a sound system is necessary and stage lighting to enhance the stage event elements is an awesome addition too!

For more information on Event Entertainment...

Cost: Medium to High

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Face Painting
Glitter Tattoo
Airbrush Tattoo
Henna Art
Magic Show or Workshop
Balloon Sculpting Workshop


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