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5 Ways an Event Emcee Hire Can Elevate Your Event Experience

Updated: Apr 3

There are many ways to elevate an event to the next level. One of the most common ways is to include an #eventemceehire service for your event. An #eventemcee is also known as an event host. An emcee is an acronym for master of ceremonies. An event emcee can also play the part of an entertainer who engages the guests based on his or her own abilities. This can be with fun games with prizes to be given out. If you have approached an event company to meet your event needs, they will probably ask for a budget as the rates for hiring an emcee varies significantly. For an inexperienced emcee who is relatively new in the events industry, it usually costs less than a thousand dollars. However, if you are intending to hire an emcee who is well-known or a celebrity, it can come up to thousands and even tens of thousands.

Here are 5 ways an event emcee can bring your event to the next level.

Event Entertainment - Emcee Hire

The right emcee hire can keep your guests engaged throughout the event. He or she does this through humour and fun games. Prizes are usually included and a good number of these are included in the emcee hire package. However, you can also add more valuable prizes that the event emcee can add for his or her game prizes. These also work as icebreakers that helps the event emcee get to know his guests more and for them to open up.

Problem Solver

There are many things that can go wrong at an event even with the best of preparations and contingencies. As such, it is useful to hire an emcee that through his vast experience in the events industry is able to think on his feet and is able to react promptly and effectively to any unexpected situations that may arise. For example if the speaker for a segment is delayed, an event emcee can step in to keep the guests engaged with additional games and activities.

Lift the Mood

An experienced emcee knows how to lift the mood of guests. For an event to be considered a success, guests have to be left with lasting positive impressions and feelings. A festive mood can be created not only with the right AV equipment use but also with the hiring of the right event host. Creating immersive event environments is essential for event success.

Expert Introducers

Experienced and reputable event emcees are expert introducers. They will do some research on the people they will be introducing on stage such as the speakers for different segments. They might even get to know some stories that they can share with the guests that will make them more relatable.

Seamless Event Flow

Event emcees will read through the event programme and understand exactly what is expected from start to finish. They take note of the timings and also work closely together with the soundman or event deejay to ensure each segment start and end runs according to the planned programme. If there are are deviations, event emcees are able to adjust seamlessly without disrupting the flow. This guarantees high quality events for client and guests.


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