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4 Awesome Event Entertainment Ideas

Updated: Sep 21, 2023

Like the famous author and philanthropist Tony Robbins says, “We aren’t in an information age, we are in an entertainment age”.

Entertainment has the power to transform people’s perception of certain things. That is why it was always used tastefully for marketing and PR purposes. Having a quality performance or show to entertain your guests will go a long way when it comes to the reach and success of your event. #Evententertainment is like a cherry on top of a dessert for any celebration.

Check out how you can bring quality entertainment to your event and beam it up a notch with these 4 awesome event entertainment ideas!

Fun Performances For The Kids

Finding appropriate event entertainment for kids at birthday parties or sports events is great to manage them and make them learn a little bit while they play! Bring in a magician or a funny clown that could make children laugh and engage them by their tricks. Another great #kidsentertainment idea is to get someone from a petting zoo who can bring in some animals so that kids can learn about them and the need to conserve forests. Though not practical in some countries, where travelling to a zoo is the only way one gets to see these animals. In such a situation, you can always throw a party at the zoo with the assistance of the zoo administration. Most children love to hear about animals and it is a great way to impart knowledge into their young minds. It is also a great way to show them how to be kind to animals from a young age.

For That Classy Touch

When you are planning an event that commemorates the anniversary of your company or a special event in a community, it is undoubtedly the best idea to have a one-man show on stage, where people can see the performance while they sip on their drinks. Stand-up comedy is favored above all the acts lately and it also attracts a lot of engagement from the audience. If you are feeling extra-pumped about your party, get a mentalist or an adult magician for a change! It is always fun to see your guests or team relaxed and having fun together after all they have contributed to the organization.

An Exotic Visitor

Corporate event entertainment sometimes requires a great deal of bling and requires over-the-top arrangements. For a slightly exotic touch, why not get a belly dancer who can move to the rhythm of drums and light up the stage? There are also local artists who can perform roving acts for your event that will completely blow the minds of your audience. And maybe instead of hiring the usual dance group, look for a dance group that can overwhelm the crowd with their groovy bhangra dance!

A Stunning Laser Show

When your event is totally based on entertainment, like a concert or a dance show, it is vital to improving the magnitude of visual entertainment. To help with that, event planners and event companies can hook you up with vendors who provide awesome laser light shows. These laser lights can be used to bring in the swag for stage performances or music. A laser light show is an awesome event entertainment choice for grand opening celebrations. If you are lucky, you can even arrange a hologram on the stage that will sweep the audience off their feet! Also, there are dance teams who offer light dance shows with their innovative attire that can take a dance show to another level. It is important to have these shows at nighttime or in a closed auditorium to ensure maximum effect of the show and ensure that your guests are thoroughly entertained.

Never assume that event entertainment is not that important while organizing your party. Booking some random dance team to come and perform for the sake of it is not going to help you to bring in success for your event.

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Here is a short video of some of our event company's latest events.

At Electric Dreamz, we deal with artists who are talented and passionate about their work and can offer you a wide range of event entertainment options. Apart from planning and managing the entire event for you, we can also help you put up performances that will leave long-lasting impressions on your audience. Ranging from Magicians, we have LED Light Show providers, Mentalists, Fire breathers, Belly dancers, stand-up comedians, dancers, singers and many more that are highly sought after and well-known in the events industry. Depending on the type, theme and mood of your event, our event planners will also suggest appropriate and relevant event entertainment ideas. At Electric Dreamz, we turn dreams into reality and our goal is not just to have hassle-free events, it is to always strive beyond our clients' expectations to leave lasting impressions always.

Here is another short video of some of our latest events.

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