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Quality LED Wall, Low Rental Rates, Reliable Service

Electric Dreamz can provide LED video wall rental service and support for any scale and requirements. We can provide LED video wall rental for outdoor events, concerts, corporate events, dinner and dance, exhibitions and all live events in Singapore.

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We can provide you with a wide range of indoor LED Wall rental to match any requirements at very competitive rates.   


We have a range of robust and reliable outdoor LED wall rental that are perfect for all outdoor events that require big screens.  They look clear and brilliant under bright stage and camera lighting or direct sunlight.


Depending on the scale and budget of your event, decide on the size, design and shape of your screen or pick a recommended popular size. We have P3, P4, P5 and P6 LED screens.


Alternatively, we can also survey and recommend you a proposal that best suits your event requirements.


We also provide technical support crew who will be on standby at the event location throughout the event and 24/7 customer service and advice. This is included in all our led wall rental packages and quotations.

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