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Wide Range of Event Props and Event Equipment Rental Service

Electric Dreamz can offer all types of event props and meet any event equipment rental requirements for Singapore events including,

  1. Booth Rental

  2. Cube Booth Rental

  3. Pavilion Rental

  4. Cube Wall Rental

  5. Illuminated LED Coloured Balls

  6. Flower Pedestal Stand Rental

  7. Flower Arch Rental

  8. Carpet Rental

  9. Event Stage Rental

  10. Truss Rental


We can meet any event equipment rental and event prop rental requirements in Singapore to meet the needs of small scale events and private parties to large scale corporate events and festivals. Our event equipment and props are well maintained and are perfect for any type of event including, weddings, corporate events, product launch, business opening day, birthday parties, private parties and conferences in Singapore.


Should you have any other unique requirements or require fabrication and carpentry services for custom made items, please get in touch. We guarantee your every event needs will be met according to your expectations with attention paid to every detail from start to finish.


Here are some of our items for event equipment rental and event prop rental service requirements in Singapore.

For event equipment rental requirements in Singapore, the information that we require in order to understand and provide the best quote possible is as follows,

  1. Is there a budget allocated for the event equipment rental service or fabrication and carpentry requirements that we can try to meet for you.

  2. The timeline for delivery if it is for fabrication and carpentry services.

  3. The design specifications if the item design is to be provided by you.

  4. The minimum design requirements if any, if the proposed design options are to be submitted by Electric Dreamz.

Feel free to contact us for a non-obligatory discussion.

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Event Equipment Rental

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