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Expert Dinner and Dance Organizer in Singapore

Dinner dance organizer in Singapore for company dinner and dance who can provide a reliable and low cost one stop quality solution for all your annual corporate event and company dinner and dance needs, including awesome dinner dance themes ideas. Here you will find a brief description of the basic items we include and look at for a company dinner and dance event. We hope you find it informative and useful to give an idea on the concepts and themes of company dinner and dance events. These are generally what we look at during the planning, organizing and management phases of company dinner and dance events in Singapore. 

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Here is a list of dinner and dance event items. If you could not find what you were looking for, please contact us and we will be glad to assist.  


As a one stop reliable solution dinner dance organizer for company dinner and dance in Singapore, we can provide for any level of dinner and dance services and provide full event services and support for all dinner and dance events. Look up our 5 cost saving tips in our dinner and dance blogs and as shown in the video.

Company Dinner and Dance

Dinner Dance Organizer

Planning for a dinner and dance always starts with a budget.


Here we explain and describe basic items to include for an indoor company dinner and dance or party.  This will give an idea on how to decide on a budget for a company dinner and dance and items that we as a company dinner and dance organizer in Singapore, look at for organizing a grand dinner and dance.  


As a reliable, low cost and experienced company dinner dance organizer, the basic items that we include and consider for a company dinner and dance in Singapore are:

1.   Venue, Food and Drinks

2.   Audio Visual, Lighting Equipment and Crew

3.   An Emcee

4.   Deejay

5.   Entertainer

6.   Theme

7.   Themed and Basic Decorations

8.   Designed Backdrop and Designed Banner


Suggested Add-ons To Include are;

9.   Pre-Event Activity

10. Cameraman and Videographer to capture all those memorable moments!


These are basic items that we as a dinner dance organizer in Singapore consider and when budgets are being discussed by organizing committees, from these basic items, it is to work upwards for additional add-ons according to the specific and unique additional requirements for a grand company dinner and dance in Singapore.


A company dinner and dance can include many more items and cost alot more.  At Electric Dreamz, as a passionate and creative dinner dance organizer in Singapore, we go the extra mile to ensure that all company dinner and dance events in Singapore, big and small, are made grand and memorable, leaving clients and dinner and dance guests with lasting impressions!


As a reliable dinner dance organizer in Singapore, we are unique due to our ability to negotiate guaranteed lower rates with our partners and suppliers for a company dinner and dance in Singapore.  We keep our overheads low too. As such, as a dinner dance organizer in Singapore, we can offer very attractive rates for our dinner and dance services and all required dinner and dance event options and requirements.


We always plan a pleasant surprise for companies after their company dinner and dance to keep all those precious dinner and dance memories created with friends, colleagues and family.

To request for a dinner and dance quotation for an upcoming company dinner in Singapore, please click and fill in the Dinner and Dance Customisation Form.

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