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Luck And Fortune Is What Happens When You Believe - Choosing the Right Colour Theme for your events

Updated: Sep 21, 2023

Special events, functions, celebrations, parties and ceremonies lead with color. Knowingly or unknowingly we use it to express ourselves, make jaw-dropping statements or honor beliefs. Color sets the backbone of event planning, evokes delight and cheer, but the wrong choice can gravely offend a guest. To have the greatest Electric Dreamz Lucky-Party, you need to know the power hidden behind color and belief. Event colour themes can make or break a party! Events are celebrated in color, white weddings and black funerals in the West — red weddings and white funerals in the East.


Each culture celebrates their traditions through different colors, in respect to their belief. Hindu’s have entire festivals dedicated to color, the color festival Holi announces Spring, but have also spread to other parts of the world. The Irish’ paint themselves green from tip to toe — leprechauns and four-leafed clovers mark the occasion of St. Patrick’s Day.

choosing event colours
Choosing Event Colours

What happens when we believe — is a tremendous triumph

Colors are woven into language and culture. “I’m just tickled pink!” — “He’s got the blues…”, “This color speaks to me!” we say when selecting a new item of clothing.

Yet, color psychology is not a well-developed science, some studies indicate the relation between color and its effects, but skepticism remains. Clinical trials on the effect of the color of drugs, proves that the color of a pill affects the perceived action of it, its effectiveness. Basically, if you believe it works — thank you placebo!

In recorded incidents, “fake surgeries” have been performed to test the power of placebo, people walked free of pain and reported great flexibility after a supposed ‘knee-replacement’ had been performed.

Cynics say:” It does not work, it’s just placebo.”, actually — another way to think about placebo is that it gives merit to use superstitions and beliefs to our advantage. Science provides ample research of its powerful effects. To quote, author of You Are The Placebo, Dr. Joe Dispenza says: “ If you think about it, superstition and placebo are very similar. Superstitions and placebos only work when we surrender to them. For instance, we’re told a sugar pill shouldn’t provide any medical benefits or that crossing our fingers doesn’t work and yet they do.”

The Feng-Shui Masters warn us not to demand luck and fortune, it is not something we can insist upon to satisfy our greed and lustful appetites. Indeed, throwing a Lucky Party is not designed to manipulate, but to cooperate with the harmony between good intent and ritual. It’s not some underhanded motivation which looms behind the color choices to decorate and celebrate your event. To attract luck and fortune, you must also believe. Through color we can honor our heritage, respect the beliefs of our fellow man and delight the senses of our guests.

Dragon Dance for Events in Singapore

Red, Blue, Pink, Green, Yellow, Purple, Orange and all the shades in between — lavishly indulge in the whole rainbow if you like. I’m sorry folks, there is no one wrong or right color for everyone. The most important consideration when choosing the colors to decorate your event, is to do your homework. If you can’t be bothered, leave the task to a reliable and experienced event company to advise you on appropriate choices to fit your guest profile and even provide you with best door gift ideas.

Event Tip - BLUE is the safest color to choose for events! It is liked all over the world, by many cultures and holds the most positive and universally favored attachments.


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