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Quality Event Lighting, Low Rental Rates, Reliable Service

Electric Dreamz can provide event lighting rental service and support for any scale and requirements. We can provide event lighting rental for outdoor events, concerts, weddings, discos, roadshows and all live events in Singapore.

What makes us special and unique and why are we able to provide an event lighting rental service in Singapore that guarantees quality lighting effects and delivery for your events?

Electric Dreamz AV technicians, including lighting programmers and lighting technicians are experienced and passionate professionals with years of excellent track records in the events industry. They professionally manage event lighting, delivering high quality lighting effects throughout events.

All our event lighting rental packages include an
experienced and professional lighting programmer, to guarantee you professionally managed high quality lights for your events.

Secondly, we work in partnership with an event lighting rental supplier in Singapore who only carries high quality event lighting equipment. The third reason why we can guarantee you quality lighting with our event lighting rental service and package is because our partner regularly maintains and services all his lighting equipment and
audio visual equipment. AV equipment, including lighting gear must be regularly maintained to ensure durability and uninterrupted quality event lighting.

These are the three key factors that combine to ensure high quality lighting for all our events. Please feel free to request for our client references or visit our event company page to view some of
Electric Dreamz clients' reviews.

We can offer attractive quotes for a variety and wide range of Lighting Rental Gears including,


  1. Disco Lights Rental

  2. Laser Lights Rental

  3. LED Light Rental

  4. Moving Heads Rental

  5. Other Lighting Rental

We do non-obligatory surveys, conduct 'Live' light tests and provide expert advice based on the location, environment and mood to ensure the right ambience is created for the audience and guests at events.

In order for us to propose the right event lighting rental package for your events and to provide you with an attractive quote, please provide us with more information such as,

  1. If the event lighting rental package required is for ambience lighting, stage lighting or disco lighting.

  2. If it is for stage lighting please advise on the type of stage segments that will take place, such as, if there are band performances.

  3. If you already have the experience and understand exactly what is required, is there a budget that we can work to meet.

For large scale events with a high number of event lighting requirements, it is important for us to conduct an event venue survey to study and propose best-fit event lighting designs. The two most important things to remember after ensuring that you have engaged quality event lighting rental service for your events in Singapore are to avoid,


  • over-budgeting with an excessive order of lights for your events that give you no added benefit and do not enhance the event environment any further

  • a situation where the lighting rental package was insufficient to achieve the desired lighting effects for your events


We can do all lighting set-ups & installations and provide professional lighting programmers and lighting technicians for expert management of all lighting.

We also provide expert lighting advice for clubs, pubs and discotheques.

Feel free to check out Electric Dreamz event lighting rental blogs and explanatory videos.

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