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Video Invitations and Greetings: Great Invites for Corporate Events, Birthday and Kids Parties

Updated: Aug 12, 2022

Have you ever invited event guests to events through video invitations?

If the answer is no, try it for your next event and be ready for the glowing reviews you receive! Best idea for event invitations and party invitations.

Looking to send awesome catchy greetings and well wishes to your existing clients?

Send them video greetings and video well wishes!

Thinking of a unique idea for sending a greeting or well wishes to a special someone?

These are also great for sending well wishes and wishing happy birthday to a special someone.

Video invitations for guests are practical and awesome for any kind of events including, birthday parties, house parties, adult parties, kids parties, weddings, corporate events and any live events.



Here are some ideas on how you can use these video invitations for inviting your event guests and when you can use it for sending awesome and catchy greetings and well wishes to your clients or to a special someone!


  • Thinking of a way to keep in touch and get personalised with your existing clients? Send them these special video invites and amaze them with catchy and fun videos.

  • Electric Dreamz can even design a special gift package, make deliveries and custom make awesome greeting videos for your clients on special occasions.

  • Wish that special someone a Happy Birthday in a very special way!


  • Send these video invitations for your annual dinner and dance events and watch as it becomes office talk, creating interest and getting everyone looking forward to the event.

  • For high profile corporate events, we can even custom design professional video invitations for your guests for a small fee.

  • Use these video invitations to send out invites for training or team building sessions.

  • You can also customise these invites for marketing your products in a very unique, catchy and effective way.

  • Have a party coming up? Send these as party invitations to your invited guests.

  • Looking for cheap wedding invitations that are both awesome and catchy? Use video wedding invitations instead!


Free Event Value-added Service

We include these fun, easy to eye and catchy video invitations and greetings for all our event packages and party packages as an optional value-added service. Yes! We have received glowing reviews from corporate event guests on our video invites and the most common comment given is that they are so catchy that they become the talk of the office and gets everyone excited about the event.

Save The Environment

Use less paper and let us do our part in saving the environment! Here are great articles on this subject from the World Wildlife Fund For Nature (WWF - formerly known as World Wildlife Fund) on ways to save paper:

Low Cost Invitations and Greetings

These video invitations and greeting videos that we package and offer for free in our event packages and party packages in Singapore are easy, catchy and fun videos.

We can also produce professional invitations and greeting videos for a small fee. These are ideal for high profile events and clients where you have VIPs and important business clients to impress.

The Perfect Mood Setter

These are perfect for setting the mood and can include any message and information that you might want to deliver your guests. These videos will become the talk of the office and get your guests excited and looking forward to the event!

Here is a another blog on Invitation Videos titled:

Try it once and you'll be a believer!



We are a low cost, reliable and professional one stop quality solution event company that goes the extra mile to achieve success and leave lasting impressions.

We are able to keep costs low mainly because of our low overheads, which allows us to work with low margins and offer lower rates.

"Turning dreams into reality through innovation and creativity."

At Electric Dreamz, our core values are:




Visit us for more information on our event design services in Singapore.

Event Packages and Party Packages

Visit us for more information on our corporate event planning service in Singapore.

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Are you looking for an awesome, catchy and fun invitation video to invite your guests for an upcoming event or for a greeting and well wishes video to wow you clients?


We regularly update our event company blogs and upload fun promotional videos. Feel free to subscribe and follow us to receive latest updates.

Thanks for taking the time and for the kind read. Have a great day!

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