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How To Organize An Amazing Dinner And Dance Party

Updated: Sep 21, 2023

It is important to celebrate success to get back to work with more energy and enthusiasm. Most companies assign a #dinneranddanceorganizer to throw their employees a great party to reward them for their contributions with a memorable night of dancing and bonding with their colleagues. Even though a #dinneranddance party is arranged for the team’s benefit at the company's expense, sometimes these parties can be boring and repetitive, which defeats the whole purpose of the dinner and dance being a memorable and enjoyable event for staff.

What are some of the important things to consider including for your company dinner and dance event that can make a dinner and dance party so awesome that the team cannot wait to be a part of?

An Interesting Dinner and Dance Theme

It is super important and even fun to come up with fresh new ideas for dinner and dance themes. You can choose to come up with a shortlist that is based on,

  • online research for dinner and dance themes

  • themes recommended by the #dinneranddanceeventcompany

  • utilizing the creativity of your staff who will surely think of some great unique ideas

or even combine the result of all three options, list them down and vote on one.

You should find interesting themes that are easy to follow and too complicated to apply such as Superhero themes, Retro themes and etc. A masquerade party with customized masks, stylish tuxedos and dreamy gowns is also a great dinner and dance theme idea! If you approach a dinner and dance event company, they would tell you feasible themes that would go with the location and ongoing trends.

Engaging Dinner Dance Games And Activities

The dinner and dance party can also have interesting games so that the team members get to know each other better and bond. The emcee that your dinner and dance event company engages for your event will usually play games to engage the guests. If your dinner and dance event is held at an outdoor space there are more options. Playing games like the Tug of War will encourage teams to work together and have fun at the same time. If you are out of ideas for games, you can always ask your dinner and dance organizer to come up with other awesome ideas for games. Since dinner and dance is a time to relax and chill with your office buddies, choosing games that are light will increase participation as well as turn up the happy vibe of the party. Usually the dinner and dance emcee will also provide inexpensive prizes for these games or you can set aside an additional budget for higher value prizes.

It is a great idea to have selfie stations and karaoke booths in the event so that, the employees can have fun singing to their favorite tunes along with flaunting their party costume! You could also have a competition to choose the best singer from the tapes collected from the karaoke booth. Before the team starts dinner, it is customary to choose the best-dressed man and woman of the lot and present them with prizes.

Choosing The Dinner And Dance Venue

According to the yearly budget of your firm, you can choose a five-star hotel to host the party but if you want to save money on the venue and have more options for the food and other arrangements, you can always go for a hall event venue or resort that is available. Any dinner and dance event company in Singapore can provide you with decorations that can match the theme that your company is going for. According to the setup of the venue, the dinner and dance event planner can advise you of good options of where to put your food and bar counters, tables, etc. You might also need speakers; mic sets and beautiful lights to make your event complete.

We agree, it is a lot to process! If you are in charge of arranging this year’s company dinner and dance and have absolutely no idea how to, hit us up for a chat.

To get more ideas for dinner and dance events and themes, you may wish to go through our past dinner and dance related blogs. We also have more dinner and dance blogs on our external blog website.


Electric Dreamz have been organizing beautiful events for Singapore for the past 4 years with customers who are 100% satisfied with the work we have done and even exceeded their expectations. We provide you with ideas for your party and build it ground-up for you and your team to have the best grand dinner and dance your company has ever had! Our goal is always to strive to exceed our clients' expectations.

Here is a short video of some of our event company's latest events.

For dinner and dance entertainment we offer a wide range of options from dance performances, mentalist shows, light shows, fire breathers, singers, stand-up comedians, unique talent shows and even a snake dancer, with a live snake! Along with that, you can count on us to bring you the best AV equipment for video, light and sound, that will match and even exceed your expectations with skilled technicians to operate these high-end AV equipment. We also offer experienced deejays, event planners, technicians and event crew with proven track records in the events industry who can make your event colorful and memorable. We also have a list of highly recommended event emcees for hire who have an awesome track record with glowing reviews in the events industry.

Here is another short video of some of our event company's latest events.

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Here is a fun video on string lighting for vintage or retro themed parties.

We have more videos on our event company YouTube channel.


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