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Dinner and Dance Venue Sourcing In Singapore: 5 Things You Need To Know

Updated: Aug 12, 2022

Have you ever been in your company's dinner and dance organising committee tasked to source for a suitable dinner and dance venue for your company dinner and dance in Singapore?

Here are 5 things you need to know to enable you to source for the most suitable dinner and dance venue for your annual dinner and dance in Singapore.

  1. Date and Time of Company Dinner

  2. No. of Expected Guests

  3. Special Food Requirements

  4. Preferred Type of Setting

  5. Preferred Location and Preferred Venue Type

Having the right information is necessary in order to find the right-fit dinner and dance venue for your company dinner and dance. This information is required by the dinner and dance venue sales team to provide you with an event venue rental quote.



#Dinneranddance venue availability is based on a first come first served basis. As such the very first thing that a dinner and dance venue sales team will ask is the date and time of your company dinner.

After the dinner and dance venue sales staff provide you with a quotation, the date, if available, will be soft booked. This means that tentatively there has been an enquiry by your company for a dinner and dance to be held on that date, which will be reserved, but not exclusive.

There can be more than one soft booking for the same date and time slot. In order to firm up and for confirmation of that date and time slot, it goes to the first company that makes payment.

Early confirmation is advised, at a minimum of at least 3 months before planned company dinner date. Early confirmation also has other benefits, such as, lower dinner and dance venue and menu costs.

Weekend dinner and dance venue booking costs more than booking a slot from Monday to Thursday.

Time Consideration

Remember to plan with the dinner and dance event management company that has been engaged for your company dinner and dance on the setup time required for your event elements. This information will have to be provided to the dinner and dance venue in order to:

  • provide you with the correct quotation based on the total number of hours the venue

  • for dinner and dance venue to consider if there is enough turnover time available, especially if there is another event at an earlier time slot



It is essential for the dinner and dance venue to have an idea on the number of expected guests who are expected to attend the company dinner. An estimated figure will normal suffice in the early stages of enquiry.

Minimum Number of Guests Consideration

Although it does not make much of a difference in cost if more guests are expected to attend, there is usually a minimum number of pax required for the booking of dinner and dance event venues.



It is important to update the dinner and dance venue on any special food arrangements your company needs for you upcoming dinner and dance.

For example,

  • if there are Muslim guests who require halal food and if halal certification is required

  • if there are vegetarian dishes required

  • if there is any preferred cuisine



Sit in dining and buffet style are generally the 2 types of food setting that can be requested. Sit in dining is more expensive of the 2 as more servers are required to serve the multi-course meal.

As for the sitting arrangement, usually it is based on 10 per table, however, there are dinner and dance venues in Singapore that sit 8 per table. You may also request for row seating, which is usually more common for weddings.

Dinner Dance Venue Space Consideration

Take note for buffet-style dining, more space will be taken up to line the buffet tables. This may affect the placement of other event elements that you have included for your grand company dinner and dance event.



Decide on the preferred dinner and dance venue location, for example, if you prefer it to be in the central area or away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Having a dinner and dance venue that is away from the city central area might cause it to be an inconvenient location in terms of public transport.

Here are some points to the ideal and different type of event venues:

  1. Scenic event venue

  2. Event venue with convenient public transport

  3. Event venue with ample parking space

  4. Event venue with nearby clubs and pubs for possibility of an after-party

You may decide to go with a hotel dinner and dance venue or even get adventurous and go with an outdoor dinner and dance venue under a tent!


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