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Dinner and Dance Organiser in Singapore - 5 Steps to Grand and Memorable Company Annual Dinners

Updated: Aug 13, 2022


Electric Dreamz is a low cost, professional and expert Dinner and dance organiser in Singapore for quality, grand and memorable company annual dinner and dances. 5 steps we recommend for pre-event exposure leading up to the dinner and dance and ending it with an awesome memorabilia which will be presented after the event that every company will treasure and love! All these are included in all our company dinner and dance packages at no additional costs!

Dinner and Dance Invitation

We can incorporate a package at no additional cost to the client which starts with an exciting dinner and dance invitation that will also encourage your colleagues to participate in a fun office activity related to the event which will be rewarded at the dinner and dance event.

Pre-event Activity

This pre-event activity is guaranteed to be fun and engage colleagues to participate and create a happy office environment, which, rest assured, will not disrupt their work and not cause any inconvenience.

Team Building Element

The dinner and dance event related activity can also help to get everyone close together and can be an excellent team building tool too! The team building activity which will take place at the office environment takes only 1-2 minutes to accomplish each time. It is specifically chosen as it is perfect for an office or work environment and is bound to create fun and laughter between colleagues and friends during office hours with no inconvenience or disruption to their work.

Attractive Prizes

Electric Dreamz will include Top 3 prizes for the best participants! These will be presented at the dinner and dance event by the company Director and/or VIP, who can also be the judges to select the Top 3 winners.

Dinner and Dance Memorabilia

The Electric Dreamz team has also come up with an awesome dinner and dance memorabilia that captures all those fun memories during the pre-event activity and at the dinner and dance event too! We guarantee an incredible dinner and dance package that start 2 weeks before the dinner and dance event!

This awesome package will be made known to clients after quote confirmations and acceptance. Clients have a choice of including the whole or part of the free package offered.

Have a dinner and dance coming up and looking for a dinner and dance event company in Singapore? Contact us for a quote through:

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  • call us for a non-obligatory discussion at +6585860502

For more information on our event company and event services, please visit us at Electric Dreamz or for more information on our dinner and dance services, please visit our dinner and dance page. Here you can also find specific information on any specific dinner and dance event requirements.

We are also an event company who provide a low cost and reliable one stop quality solution for all live corporate events in Singapore. Please visit our event planner page for more information.

We are a one stop solution event company who can also offer and can cater to any unique and specific private, corporate and dinner and dance event requirements. Please visit our event support services page for more information.

Hope you enjoyed the video and blog! Thanks for your time and read!

For Electric Dreamz an event is not just an event, it is a continuous endeavour to exceed expectations and leave lasting impressions.

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