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5 Types of Events that String Lighting and Fairy Lights are perfect for

Updated: Mar 27, 2020

Whether you’re thinking of using commercial grade string lighting or standard outdoor string lights, they both boast a large variety of bulb shapes, strand lengths and colors. But most of all, they can be both used for a diverse list of events. It is always best to consult a lighting designer to ensure you have the right string lighting, that is set-up and decorated beautifully. Here are the top 5 event types where string lights can be used creatively to add some pizzazz and create a festive mood:

Christmas Events:

The first time a string of lights was used to illuminate a Christmas tree was on December 22, 1882 for Iolanthe at the D’Oyly Carte opera in 1882. This is where the term “fairy lights” gained popularity. Edward H Johnson, a colleague of Thomas Edison is credited with the invention. Since then, tradition carries string lights into hundreds of millions of homes around the world every year. December is filled with both simple and extravagant Christmas-themed events, all of which use String and Fairy lights in some form or the other.


Apart from Christmas, the most common (and exquisite) of events that use string lighting, are weddings or marriage receptions. String and fairy lights are used to adorn all types of venues to create a delicate and beautiful vibe for family and guests alike. Since weddings can rack up quite a cost, the allure of sourcing for and engaging an event lighting rental company for these inexpensive string lighting and fairy lights, is a no-brainer, especially if you are already engaging an event company or an AV rental company for your special day!


The lesser-known (and celebrated) cousin of the wedding event, is the actual popping of the question! String lights are perfect to add even more magic to that special moment, without breaking the bank. Here’s a video of one of our recent clients, making his woman’s day. Notice those simple, yet beautiful lights in the back?

Birthday Parties:

Whether you’re turning 10 or 65, string lights bring an ambience to a birthday party like no other. Although a common misconception is that only backyards and outdoor parties use string lighting, string lights can look just as good, if not better, at your indoor venue.

Fairs and Festivals:

Fairy lights are popular at fairs and festivals alike as they create the perfect ambience to make everything look lively and festive. It’s because they are low cost and can light up large areas at once, giving a consistent and beautiful look throughout. But that’s not all. At some festivals like Coachella, festival-goers will sometimes use string lights to light up their tents and encampments too.

All in all, string lights are one of the most commonly used lights, especially at these 5 events that have been mentioned. They don’t cost much, are incredibly energy efficient and in the right experienced hands, can be setup with little hassle and effort. So the next time you’re hosting an event and are thinking about how to spruce up the environment, you may want to consider renting string lights!

Get in touch with us if you’d like to get a cost estimate for an upcoming event.

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