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Why String Lighting Is A Great Option For Your Event!

Updated: Sep 21, 2023

What comes into your mind when you think about having a relaxing outdoor party with your loved ones? If you are thinking about warm lights with a vintage touch, you have good taste in lighting! Nothing makes an event wonderful than the overall positive vibe of the party when one arrives at the party and enters the venue. If the #eventlights are done right, your guests would even stay longer and have a great time than being in an event where lights are too bright which hurts the eyes.

Vintage string lights are the best inexpensive option to include for your event or party! These days many people choose #stringlightingrental for their events by following the trend and have found that they are a better option for their events. What are the reasons for choosing vintage string lighting rental over other #eventlighting options? To get the right feel for a retro themed event, it is always advisable to go for tungsten bulbs string lighting rather than the LED one. Here is a fun video on vintage string lighting rental.

Here are some good reasons to engage string lighting rental service for your events.

String Lighting Can Give You A Warm, Rustic And Vintage Feel

String lights are a perfect fit for both indoor and outdoor parties that makes your event look classy and simple at the same time without a lot of effort. If you are planning your wedding reception outdoors, you could get a canopy of string lights that illuminates the whole area with a nice warm yet festive feel. Options like Vintage Edison Clear bulbs, Vintage Edison Cage bulbs, Vintage Edison Spiral bulbs, and etc add more details to the settings and enhances the event and party environment and feel. String lighting rental works wonders for weddings, birthday parties, and even large events alike. Read all about the '5 Types of events that string lighting and fairy lights are perfect for.'

Beautiful Photos

Another great thing about having warm lighting with string lights is the effect it brings to the photographs. These type of lights possess the ability to make everything and everyone around look beautiful and bring about certain hue when they are set up properly at night-time. Even minimal decorations look great in these lights and if you are surrounded by trees and plants, your job is almost done!

String Lights are Inexpensive and Effective!

If you are worried about spending a lot on your event lighting, you can sit back and relax. String lights rental in Singapore is comparatively inexpensive and does not disappoint when it comes to impressing your guests. All you need to set up here is a small canopy if needed and hang some lights on the trees if it is an outdoor event. String lighting is the best-suited setup for retro-themed parties as it can be found in many retro movies and shows. You can even brighten up the mood with some jazz or country music to take your guests through a retro experience.

To make all this work, you may even engage a lighting designer and an event decorator who understands your requirements and strive towards making it a reality or you can leave everything to your event planner or the event company you have engaged for your event or party. A lighting professional would have a very good idea about different types of event lighting and what kind of event lights will go and match with your theme and venue. They would also know how to balance the decorations by interacting with event planners and lighting programmers to have the best experience for the guests.

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Here is a short video on some of vintage tungsten bulbs string lighting rental events.


Here is another video on lighting works that were programmed and managed by our lighting programmer.

At Electric Dreamz, we provide the best quality vintage string lighting rental in Singapore for a magical night of fairy lights. Along with string lighting rentals, we can also provide you with everything for your event from event planning and management to event lighting rental, event sound rental, all event equipment rental, LED video wall rental and all other event rentals including event crew hire. We also only deploy skilled and experienced local technicians with proven track records in the events industry who can operate and maintain all the equipment and spare you from all the technical troubles you may face during an event. Our event crew is well-versed in managing and executing projects giving you a hassle-free experience from start to finish.

Here is a short video on some of our event company's latest events. We have more videos on our event company YouTube channel.

Feel free to contact us through email at or call us at +65 6683 9541. To know more about our event company feel free to visit us at Electric Dreamz. Alternatively, for more about our vintage string lights rental service visit our event lighting rental page.


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