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Things you need to know before you rent lighting for your events

Updated: Nov 14, 2022

Lighting is an important element to consider for your event. #Eventlighting can dramatically transform your event experience and bring it from average to awesome. Besides setting the mood and creating a distinct atmosphere for an event venue and stage, lighting can also be used to highlight features such as culinary displays and floral arrangements, as well as cuing speakers and presentations.

With the advanced lighting displays available in the market, the possibilities are endless. Here, we’ll explore a few creative ways to use #eventlightingrental to set your event apart from the rest.

Here are the things to know about event lighting rental service.

1. Uplighting rental

Uplighting is a popular lighting effect created by strategically placing lighting fixtures on the floor and pointing them upwards. Uplighting can add depth and is an effective way to dramatically improve the ambience of your event, as well as highlight certain structural elements and dynamic fixtures. You can even choose coloured lighting that are aligned to your event’s colour theme!

2. Gobo lights rental

Gobo is a piece of stencil made of steel or glass placed in a lighting fixture. The gobo is used to change the shape of the emitted light. At themed events, Gobo lights can also be used to project patterns of leaves, your company logo or other shapes on the floor, ceiling and walls. At a wedding, couples may choose to project their monogram, names and wedding date. Since Gobo lighting can hardly go unnoticed, they are perfect for corporate events. Seeing your brand logo in bright, crisp lighting will create a visual impact that helps make your brand more memorable.

3. Spotlights rental

Spotlights can draw your audience’s attention to the speakers and guests of honour. Spotlights are also great for lighting up stages, runways and aisles.

4. String lighting and Fairy lights rental

String lighting and fairy lights are the perfect decorative lights for creating that lively and festive mood. Be it weddings, wedding proposals, Christmas events, Birthday parties, fairs or festivals, dressing up your event with these festive lights can definitely make it more fun and memorable. Plus, they make your photos look great! An important point to take note of is that there are 2 kinds of string light bulbs, the LED ones and the old-school tungsten ones that give the 'retro' feel at an event. Want to know more about fairy and string lighting? Here is our past blog on 'The 5 types of events that fairy lights and string lighting are perfect for'. You may also wish to read up on a related blog that touches on tungsten string lights titled 'Vintage string lighting rental - Lights for events, indoor and outdoor installation'.

5. Light beam moving heads rental

Light beam moving heads are directional projection of light from a source. Light beam moving heads are often used for visual effects. Laser light beams can be used in combination with music to produce a light show effect. An experienced lighting programmer either a free-lance or from the event company works his magic on the lighting console to dazzle the audience. You can either choose to hire an experienced lighting programmer on your own or leave it to the event company that you engaged the light beam moving heads rental service from. Want to find out more about stage lights? Here is our past blog titled '4 Important things you to know for the right event lighting rental package'.

6. Custom decorative lights rental

Did you know that you can also custom design a lighting piece according to your needs and requirements. For example, for table centrepieces, to light up guests' tables in a beautiful way, you can engage an event company to custom make a glow in the dark lighted glass jar or a decorated glass jar with LED string lights. Want ideas on glow in the dark decorative event elements? Here is our past blog that gives an insight on glow in the dark decorative pieces titled 'Whip up the party glow - Magic and Thrilling!'.

7. Themed lighting packages

Did you know that you can also instruct the event company that you engage to provide you with a wedding and event lighting package that incorporates your event or wedding theme according to your budget? An experienced lighting designer, who is usually also the lighting programmer, works closely with the in-house or freelance professional decorator engaged by the event company to incorporate the event and wedding decorations with the event lighting to bring your event to the next level and make it truly memorable one. Give them a budget and watch them work their magic for you!

8. Disco Lighting Rental Package

Planning on throwing a private disco party? Event companies and AV rental companies can also offer you attractive disco lighting packages based on your needs and budget. The packages will include sound equipment, smoke machines and experienced deejays too. Here is a blog that touches on disco lighting rental packages titled 'Disco lighting packages - What you need for awesome disco experience for your event guests'.

Here are some basic ideas on event decoration elements you can consider for your event: Event decoration ideas

If you plan to rent lighting for your event, these few questions can help you:

  • What mood or ambience do you want to create?

  • What is your colour palette?

  • What lighting effects do you want to create?

  • What lighting equipment should you use to create the effect?

Here is a fun video on the 5 secrets to creating awesome event lighting effects.


Here is a fun video by our event company on event lighting.

Visit our event company YouTube page for more fun videos.

Planning for event lighting for your events is not an easy feat. You may wish to work with an event lighting rental company to help you manage this part of your event planning. If that is the case, here are some questions you should be asking:

  • Are they professional, reliable and reputable?

  • Is the event lighting rental company going to manage the process from start to finish?

  • Is their lighting programmer experienced enough?

  • Will they be designing the lighting layout?

  • Will they be overseeing the lighting set up?

  • Will they be removing the set up after the event?

  • Who are some of their past clients?

  • Are they able to show you samples of set ups they have done previously?

You may also wish to some additional insight on event lighting through our previous blog on event lighting titled 'Event lighting rental in Singapore - Reliable service, quality lights and low cost event rental in Singapore'.

Want to find out more about event lighting rental service in Singapore or have an upcoming event that requires event lighting? Contact us at or call us at +65 8586 0502 or +65 6683 9541. Visit Electric Dreamz to find out more about us!

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