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Disco Lighting Package: What you need for awesome disco experience for your event guests

Updated: Aug 13, 2022

Have you ever had a disco lighting rental package for your events from an event lights rental company in Singapore?

Did you have the need to rent disco lights for an event in Singapore for your company or private event?

Here is a video of disco lighting effects controlled by a professional lighting programmer that is in-sync with the music managed by the deejay.

What are things you should consider to include in your disco lighting rental package to guarantee awesome disco lighting effects for your events in Singapore?

  1. Moving Heads

  2. Lighting Board

  3. Laser Lights

  4. Lighting Design and Layout

  5. Smoke Machines

  6. Mirror Balls

  7. LED Dance Floor

  8. Professional and Experienced Lighting Programmer



The basic items to include for your event disco segments is moving heads and a lighting board to control the lights for awesome disco lighting effects.

Depending on the budget and the requirements for the lighting coverage for the disco area and size, the number of moving heads to include varies. More moving heads means more lighting effects and larger coverage area.

Lighting boards are essential AV equipment to guarantee beautiful lighting effects for your disco segments.

Budget Requirement and Cost: Low to High



For enhanced disco effects, and for a higher budget, you can also include laser lights for your event disco segment.

Laser lights can enhance your disco segment and create an even more immersive environment for your event guests! Laser lights can be pre-programmed, however, for a higher budget, engaging a laser light technician to control the laser lights and working together with the lighting programmer and deejay can create a cohesion and in-sync effects that will be out of this world!

Budget Requirement and Cost: Medium



It is important to engage professionals from the lighting rental company or event company to propose the most ideal disco lighting design according to the event venue layout.

A professional lighting designer is able to propose the best possible lighting design according to the event venue layout and the given budget.

Budget Requirement and Cost: FOC



Renting smoke machines for events is recommended to create awesome disco effects for your event guests. Smoke machines combine well with disco lights to produce the kind of immersive disco environments you want for your guests!

Smoke machines can be timed to be released at pre-determined times or when the deejay and lighting programmer prefer it to be released, depending on the mood and flow of music.

Budget Requirement and Cost: Low



To create a vintage effect or beautiful disco lighting setup for your events you can consider renting mirror balls for your events.

Mirror balls must be mounted on ceilings, as such it is best used when there are existing mounting points at the event venue. Most importantly the size of mirror balls that you can consider including for your disco segments depends entirely on the weight carry limits of the existing mounting points.

Take note that the disco mirror balls although do rotate automatically, need lighting to be included for the beautiful reflective light effects, otherwise these will serve no purpose for your disco segments.

Budget Requirement and Cost: Low - Medium



For a higher budget, you can also consider renting LED dance floors for your event disco segments.

An LED disco dance floor is sure to lift the mood your event guests and be an irresistible pull effect to encourage them to dance and enjoy themselves!

Budget Requirement and Cost: High



The most important thing to consider if you are including a disco segment for your events in Singapore is to hire a professional, experienced and passionate lighting programmer for your events.

A passionate and professional lighting programmer working closely with the event deejay create a synergy that lead to awesome, incredible, amazing and immersive disco environment for your event guests!

Budget Requirement and Cost: Low to Medium


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Want to find out more about disco lighting rental in Singapore or require an event lighting rental service and package for an upcoming event in Singapore?

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Hope you found this informative. Have a great day!

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