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6 Types Of Commonly Used Event Lighting To Rent For Your Events

Updated: Aug 31, 2023

Whether an event is held indoors or outdoors, lighting helps set the mood or tone in every event. We need to make sure that we have the right #eventlighting based on the type of event and the size of the venue. We know how overwhelming it is to choose the right event lighting equipment like stage lights to rent out for your event. You might also get confused with the different types of event lighting packages that event lighting equipment rental companies offer. But in this list, we are going to discuss the six common types of event lighting equipment that you might need.

Here are 6 common types of event lighting to rent for your events.

1. LED Uplighting

LED uplighting to look good for huge walls, wide halls, and interiors with interesting details. It can give an illusion of a bigger space or higher ceiling. This event lighting equipment can be used both indoors and outdoors. It brings great aesthetics and is very flexible in the mood-setting.

2. Ellipsoidal Spotlight

This kind of event lighting is important in theatres and performances. Ellipsoidal spotlights also helps set the mood and is usually stationed above the stage or mounted through trusses. The lighting from this source can be made softer or sharper depending on the need.

3. Moving Lights

Moving lights event lighting bring elegance and extra spice to any event. It is perfect for concerts, dances, corporate, and private events. Moving head lights adds drama and depth to the stage or dance floor. These event lights also cost a lot to rent but it’s always worth it.

4. PAR Lights

PAR lights are the most important kind of event lighting equipment for both big and small events. You can use them to mix lighting colors to set the whole mood. LED PAR lights can also be used to colour the walls of the event venue. This event lighting equipment is one of the cheapest event lighting equipment rental service. With LED PAR lights alone, you can already level up the tone of your event. This event lighting can be used indoors and outdoors. As to the design and quantity required for the best effects, you can always check with the lighting designer or event company that you engaged for your event.

5. Follow Spot

A follow spot is important for big events especially theatre and concerts. This helps highlight the performer or a certain moving item. This will also cost a lot to rent as you will also need to hire a lighting operator to control the follow spot lighting. An event company or an AV rental company will include the lighting operator in the #eventlightingrental service package. Follow spots can be used for both indoor and outdoor events. A follow spot can emit light in far distances. Before you rent this event lighting equipment, make sure that you have an experienced lighting operator to ensure a high quality lighting environment. Also, don’t forget to orient the operator with the event flow and program. Updating him or her on what they need to do and what to focus on during the event.

6. Laser Lights

Laser lights are complementary and are usually found in big bars, on dance floors, and at concerts. Laser lights will need fog or smoke machines for us to see the heart-stopping effects. Laser lights are perfect for dark event venues. Laser lights can also be coordinated with the music. Usually, EDM or any upbeat music is used together with the laser lights.

Before choosing an event lighting equipment rental service or engaging an AV rental company, you should have your initial research and survey of the event venue done. You have to think about how the lighting equipment will be mounted or how trusses will be installed for the lighting. Also, a bigger venue will require more lighting equipment than smaller venues. It is best to leave all these to the event company, the event lighting rental company or to a freelance lighting designer to ensure the highest quality lighting for your events.

So there you have it. The next time you book an event lighting equipment rental service for your event, you will not be confused about which event lights to get.

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broker -gmbh
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Assif Khan
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