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5 Secrets On What To Include For Your Event Lighting Rental Package And To Guarantee 5-Star Lighting

Updated: Apr 17

Want to have awesome event lighting effects for your next event to leave your guests with lasting impressions with the right event lighting rental service package?

Event lighting is an important event element to consider to enhance your event environment, providing immersive experiences for your event guests. These can be applied to:

  • Stage Lighting

  • Ambience Lighting - Mood Lighting - Colour Themed Lighting

  • Decorative Lighting - Architectural Lighting

Here are the 5 secrets to create awesome lighting effects for your next event:

  1. Quality Lights

  2. Quality Lighting Board

  3. Experienced Lighting Designer

  4. Skilled Lighting Programmer

  5. Knowledge of Venue Layout



The quality of lights is essential to ensure uninterrupted and high quality delivery of lighting effects throughout your event. This is a critical aspect for quality stage lighting effects as you do not want your stage lighting to suddenly stop working during the stage performance and entertainment.

There are many kinds of #eventlighting, including uplighting, projection lights, LED wash lights, gobo lights, spot lights, LED Bar, LED Par, wall wash and etc.



Event Lighting can be controlled through a laptop or a lighting board.

It is highly recommended to ensure that the #eventlightingrental package includes a quality lighting board instead of a laptop for the control of your event lighting as, controlling event lighting through the use of laptop slows the lighting programming process down drastically and which in turn limits the lighting cues that can be programmed for the event.

Using laptops for control of lighting can also limit the types of lighting cues that can be programmed for your event! If laptops could be used as effectively as lighting consoles and event replace lighting boards, there would not be a need for lighting console manufacturers to produce them in the first place.

Here is an event lighting blog that we have written on how to guarantee quality lighting effects for your events titled:



A lighting designer is someone who creates a lighting design based on:

  1. Your event requirements, if it is for stage lighting, ambience lighting and decorative lighting

  2. Through the study and understanding of the event venue layout

  3. Through his knowledge of the different types of event lighting equipment and its functions

  4. Working and keeping within the allocated event lighting budget

An experienced lighting programmer can also cover the role of a lighting designer. An experienced and professional lighting designer can create lighting designs specifically for a particular event and performance or for fixed in-house lighting at event venues.

It is important for the lighting designer to be given the event programme to understand what stage performances and elements have been included for the event to come up with the best lighting design for you.

An event lighting designer can create a quality lighting design layout for any type of event, enhancing the environment according to the client needs.

This includes, mood lighting, ambience lighting, themed lighting, venue in-house lighting, stage lighting, architectural lighting, wedding lighting, disco lighting, outdoor lighting and decorative lighting.

Here is a blog by Eggsotic Events on different types of decorative lighting and event decoration with beautiful photos titled:

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Engaging a skilled, experienced and professional lighting programmer is important to guarantee high quality event lighting delivery throughout your events.

You may have the best event lighting equipment and the best event lighting design, but having an inexperienced event lighting programmer will result in your money down the drain and low quality lighting effects for your guests.

A lighting programmer inputs lighting cues into the lighting board according to the event programme to produce the right lighting environment to suit the different stage segments and according to the required ambience preferences.

A lighting programmer can also work with a laser lighting technician to produce awesome lighting effects for your events.

A passionate and experienced lighting programmer will turn up early for events to be briefed on the event elements and stage performances in order to input the appropriate lighting cues into the lighting console. The lighting programmer will usually request for the event programme from the event organiser.



It is important for you to first decide on the event venue and provide this information to the event company that you engage for your events.

The event company can then pass on this information to the lighting designer to create an lighting design and lighting layout. Different event venues and facilities have different environments and layouts which a lighting designer has to consider to come up with the best quality lighting layouts.

Pillars, furniture, existing in-house lighting and other fixed structures are important elements to consider for a lighting designer in order to come up with the best lighting design.

A lighting designer, if he or she has never been to that event venue before, will make a trip down to survey the event venue. As for fixed in-house lighting installation projects, a floor plan is essential in order for the lighting designer to come with the best lighting design and layouts.

As such, providing the event venue information and floor plan to the event company and lighting integrator that you engage go a long way to ensure that you have the best lighting designs.


How to ensure that you have all these 5 important points packaged in your event lighting rental package for your events?

Engage the right event company that has all the right contacts for:

Here is an interesting blog by Eventbrite titled:

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Thanks for taking the time and for the kind read. Have a great day!

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