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AV Rental - What You Need To Organise A Disco Party Or To Include A Disco Segment For Your Events?

Here is everything you need to know on what you need to include in your AV rental service package for an awesome disco party.

Planning for a disco party with your family, friends and colleagues or want to include a disco segment for your corporate events in Singapore?

Here is a fun video on the basic AV equipment and support that needs to be included in your AV rental service package.


Lighting Rental - Electric Dreamz

Moving heads are included as part of any AV rental service package for all disco party requirements for your events.

The AV rental service package also includes a lighting board for a professional lighting programmer to manage the moving heads and create awesome lighting effects.

Lighting tree is included to mount 2 moving heads each at a maximum height of 3 metres. The moving heads on lighting tree are placed at a distance that maximizes the lighting effects on the dance floor.

For a higher budget and a larger dance floor, more moving heads can be included for an all-round memorable immersive disco experience!


Sound System Rental Singapore - Electric Dreamz

High-end speakers with sub-woofers are included in all AV rental service packages for any disco party and disco segment requirements for events.

The AV rental service package comes with soundboard for the professional management of sound and music by an experienced deejay.

The number of speakers depends on the size and area of coverage required.

When booking event venues, always ask if the sound system is suitable for a disco party and can support loud music. Make an appointment and test the sound to ensure you have the right speakers to support your disco segments and disco parties.


Lighting Programmer Singapore - Electric Dreamz

It is important for a professional and experienced lighting programmer to be included in the AV rental service package that you acquire for your disco party and segment. A lighting programmer works on the lighting board to create amazing and awesome lighting effects for your disco segments and disco parties in Singapore.

A passionate and experienced lighting programmer can work in-sync with the party deejay to create an awesome disco party segment for memorable immersive experiences.

Be sure to check on the profile of the lighting programmer included in your AV rental service packages in Singapore to ensure that you not only have the right man but, the best man for the job.


Disco Deejay - Disco Parties in Singapore

Always request for a professional and experienced party deejay to be included as part of the AV rental service package that you have sourced for from an AV rental or event company in Singapore. A party deejay works with a mixer and soundboard to professionally manage sound and music throughout events.

An experienced and passionate event deejay can work in-sync with the lighting programmer engaged for your disco party segments for awesome immersive and memorable experienced for your guests.

Remember to request for the profile of the party deejay from the AV rental and event company that you engage for your disco party segments. Take note that an event deejay can cost a few hundred dollars to more than a thousand dollars depending on their popularity and demand. It is always advisable to book them early and to get the best deal possible with early bookings.


Special Effects Singapore - Mirror Balls

For a higher budget, you can also include mirror balls and a LED dance floor in your AV rental service package.

Take note that mirror balls require event lighting to be reflected on them to give that white reflective disco lights that you so often see. Mirror balls auto rotate but do not come with any form of lighting.

These need to be mounted on truss or from low ceiling areas for maximum effect.

These come in a variety of sizes including:

8", 12", 20", 36"

For any work that is carried out at more than 3 metres height, a permit for working at height is required.

AV Rental Singapore - LED Dance Floor

How about including a LED dance floor for your AV rental disco package?

LED dance floor rental costs a few thousand dollars and can light up any event!

Although costly, LED dance floors are great for creating a disco dance floor environment that your event guests will find hard to resist coming up to dance on!

Feel free to contact us for any disco party AV rental and support requirements for your private and corporate events in Singapore.

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