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Stage Lighting Rental: 4 Important Things You Need To Know For The Right Event Lights Rental Package

Updated: Aug 13, 2022

Event stage lighting rental service is an important event element to consider for visually enhancing event stage segments such as event entertainment, host and games segments and even for dramatic lighting effects of VIP arrival on stage for speeches at events.

Here is a video to summarise the 4 important things required when considering stage lights for events in Singapore.


Here are 4 important things to ensure you have the right event stage lighting rental package for your events.


The types of stage segments you have included for your event for like, event entertainment, band performance, a choir, emcee games, VIP speech or even a drama performance.

The #stagelightingrental company that you engage will need this information in order to recommend the right #eventlightingrental package to enhance your stage and event segments. As professionals with extensive experience in the events industry, audio visual rental companies will be able to offer the right event stage lighting package based on your requirements and budget.


The event venue should already be finalised before you start sourcing for your stage lights rental service company for your event.

The knowledge of the event venue and stage layout is important for a professional lighting designer from the stage lights rental company to advise you on the best stage lighting package for your events.

Factors like existing in-house lighting, pillars, the brightness of the indoor area (if it is a daytime event) and even the location of the power points are important points to consider.

Lighting designers who have been in the events industry for many years already understand the most venue layouts, however, usually still go down to recce especially if they have not been there for many months or at all.


Yes, we are on this topic again and here is why an audio visual rental company will enquire on the event lighting budget.

For a higher budget, more lighting can be included for your events, which means more lighting effects. However, sometimes more does not necessarily mean better, there is a maximum lighting effects level that can be achieved, depending on the size of stage and layouts at different venues.

A professional lighting designer will advise on the ideal number and types of lighting you can include for your stage or if you have a tight budget, the lighting designer will come up with the best stage lighting layout to achieve the best possible event stage lighting effects for you.


Always ensure that the event stage lights rental packages that you are offered by the audio visual rental companies include a pre-event lighting test, ideally once upon setup completion and again before event is about to start. You can request to be present when lighting tests are performed upon completion of lighting setups.

A lighting programmer steps in to check, test and programs the lights using a lighting board, according to the event programme flow. An experienced, professional and professional lighting programmer brings your stage to life with awesome lighting effects!


A professional, reliable and reputable event lighting rental company always ensure all is in order from start to finish:

  1. Ensuring proper lighting layout, according to instructions of the lighting designer, who usually is the experienced lighting programmer or a professional lighting designer.

  2. Engaging experienced event setup crew with on-site supervision from a senior, the lighting programmer or the lighting designer.

  3. Engaging the services of an experienced, professional and passionate lighting programmer who is responsible and pays meticulous attention to detail

I hope that you find this information useful and you have awesome lighting effects for your events always!


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Thanks for the kind read and hope you found it useful. Have a great day!

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