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Event Furniture and Stage Rental in Singapore: Important Things You Need To Know

Updated: Aug 13, 2022

Have you ever acquired the following event rental services for your events in Singapore:

  • Furniture Rental

  • Tables and Chairs Rental

  • Stage Rental

What are the important things you need to know for renting tables and chairs, event furniture and stage for your events in Singapore?


The cost of #eventfurniturerental service depends on:

  • the type and theme of event

  • the confirmation on the number of chairs and tables required and the date of event

  • seating arrangements

Type and Theme of Event

Type and theme of event ascertains the type and setting which determines the type of chairs and tables required. For example, for a dinner and dance event, a table with skirting and 10 chairs with skirting will be required, or alternatively you can even choose to go with 'Tiffany Chairs' as shown in the photo and the video (below). You can even choose illuminated furniture rental service options to bring your events to life and for truly immersive event environments!

Confirmation - Number of Chairs and Table Required and Date of Event

As for the number of chairs and tables required, this has an effect on costs, in mainly two ways, more furniture means cheaper rental costs per chair, table and furniture early confirmation on the number of furniture required and date of event keeps rental costs low.

Why does more number of furniture amount to lower furniture rental costs?

This is as the delivery, setup and clearance costs is spread over a higher number of furniture which means lesser rental costs per chair, table and furniture.

Why does early confirmation on the number of chairs, table and furniture required and confirmation of date lower rental costs?

Early confirmation allows event rental suppliers and event companies that you engage make arrangements for the necessary delivery and setup early, which allows early planning of schedule, allowing the allocation of full-time manpower and drivers for delivery, rather than the potential of having to hire part-timer manpower and freelance divers for last minute bookings if the full-time staff already have a full schedule for that particular day.

Seating Arrangements

For example, if it is for seminar furniture rental requirements, usually it means no tables would be required. Tables costs more, having only the need for chairs lowers your overall event furniture rental costs significantly. However, if it is for a lavish wedding, 10-seater sound tables with skirting and beautiful classy wooden tiffany chairs are preferred, which increase the furniture rental costs substantially.


The costs of mobile and portable tentage rental service packages depends on:

  • the type of stage required

  • the size of stage required

  • the carpet colour required

Type of Event Stages for Rental

There are a number of portable event stage rental service options and types that you can choose from for your event including,

  1. Tiered Stage Rental

  2. Outdoor Stage Rental

  3. Custom Stage Rental

  4. Runway Stage Rental

  5. Raised Platforms

Tiered stage is a stage with different heights and levels usually two to three different levels. If you would like the event stage rental and event company to combine an existing event venue stage to an additional stage and create two to three different tiered stage, it is important to share the details of the event venue and provide the existing event venue stage measurements to the stage rental or event company you engage for your events. This will normally mean that a custom stage rental service will have to be considered for your unique requirement.

Fashion shows events normally have a runway stage rental service requirement. To combine a runway stage with an existing event venue stage, as mentioned in the earlier paragraph, more information must be provided to the stage rental or event company you engage. The most important factor and information that is required here is the height of the existing stage to ensure the runway stage rental service package is of the right height and fits in perfectly with the existing stage.

Size of Stage

Event stages come in a variety of sizes from small sized stages (as shown in video below and small photo) to large event stages as shown in the main event stage photo. These can be from small raised platforms for photographers and videographers to get clear view of entire area to large event stages to accommodate any form of event entertainment and elements. If you are unsure on stage size requirements, gather more information from the event entertainers and performers on their requirements and relay all details to the event company you have engaged for your events to ensure you have the right-fit stage for your events.

Stage Carpet Colour

Usually, black colour carpets are included in the stage rental service packages for events in Singapore. For a different colour requirement, an additional charge is incurred.

Why is there an additional charge for different colour carpet requirements?

Black carpets for stage need less maintenance as compared to other carpet colours which require more maintenance and cleaning after every event.

Well-Maintained Event Furniture and Event Equipment

One of the most important things that you have to look out for in order to ensure you have the best quality event furniture rental service, including tables and chairs and event equipment for your events, is to work with the right event rental companies in Singapore who regularly maintain their equipment and inventory and keep everything as good as new. Event companies are uniquely suited particularly in this area as they normally only work with as event partners with event equipment rental and event furniture rental companies who carry only high quality items with excellent track records in the events industry.

Lower Event Rental Costs - Event Companies As Event Organizers for your Events in Singapore

For event organizers appointed for your events to craft, offer, plan and manage private parties, social events, birthday parties, wedding events, family days or corporate events, these event companies are able to procure these list of packaged event services at attractive low rates, through their close contacts and event partners in the Singapore events industry whom they regularly work with and have a special understanding with.


Here is a video on a recent event by Electric Dreamz that required a small indoor stage, event furniture rental, Tiffany chairs rental, dressing table rental, sound system rental, carpet rental and professional event promoters hire in Singapore, with hassle-free, professional event setup and management throughout the event.


Do you have an upcoming event in Singapore and require professional, reliable and quality event rentals and support services?

Feel free to contact us for any event stage rental, event furniture rental, event tables and chairs rental and event equipment rental requirements in Singapore.

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Thanks for taking the time. Hope you have found this information useful. Have a great day!

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