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AV Rental Companies In Singapore: Best Audio Visual Equipment Event Setups

Updated: Aug 13, 2022

Ever wondered how #AVrentalcompanies manage to keep it all neat and tidy when setting up audio visual equipment for your events in Singapore?

How do AV rental companies manage to hide all those wiring and cables for AV equipment at events?

Here is a fun video that touches on the 4 main tools and items that we use during event setups.



Also known as gaffer tapes are a favourite for AV rental companies in Singapore to cover up signal and power wiring and cables during event audio visual equipment setups.

These come in a variety of colours and depending on the background, floor or wall colour, the best matched colour is used to camouflage everything and to most importantly maintain the aesthetics of the event venue. Rest assured that these cloth gaffer tapes used by AV rental companies in Singapore are neatly pasted and are easy to remove during event disassembly after completion of events.

Preferably, event venue surveys are to be conducted to study the best audio visual equipment layouts, determine the power points to be used and understand the background colours.


Drapes are used by AV rental companies to cover lighting console, deejay console, lighting tree and the sides of event stage areas.

Usually black drapes are used, however, depending on the type of event and theme white ones are also used, especially for weddings, to blend in everything as much as is possible.

Worried that it may look unsightly and will affect the overall event aesthetics? Rest assured that AV rental companies pay meticulous attention to detail to ensure everything is as neat and tidy as possible.


Cable trays or also known as cable protectors are used when cables and wiring are to be placed at outdoor areas. These also serve to protect them from weather elements.

Cables protectors are also used when cables and wiring for AV equipment have to be placed across road surfaces. Vehicles can go over them too!

Here is where an event venue survey is needed as such, confirm your venues early and make appointments with the AV rental companies that you engage for your events to survey and understand the event venues!


Rubber mats are also used by AV rental companies in Singapore during audio visual equipment setups.

Rubber mats are especially useful to cover cables and wiring across large areas.

Most AV rental companies carry rubber mats in their inventory however, sometimes they have to engage an external vendor to provide them with the needed quantity.

Rubber mat requirements are ascertained during event venue surveys conducted by the AV equipment rental company engaged for your events.


Event setup crew from audio visual rental companies are professional and experienced personnel who work hard and diligently to ensure everything is hidden, neat and tidy always.

Cables can also be hidden under carpets and behind event venue pillars and walls, away from the main activity areas.

For a higher budget and venue consent, AV rental companies can also work with external contractors to provide labour for installing wires and cables to perfectly blend in with backgrounds.


The most important element to ensure that AV rental companies have all the right and precise information for your events is an event venue survey!


Want to know more about AV rental in Singapore or require an AV rental service for an upcoming event in Singapore?

Contact us through email at or call us at +65 8586 0502 or +65 6683 9541.

Alternatively, visit our event support services page for more information on our AV equipment rental service and support for live events in Singapore.


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Thank for taking the time. Hope that you find this blog useful in giving you an insight into how AV rental companies in Singapore setup for your events. Have a great day!

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