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AV Equipment Rental: Everything You Need To Know About Renting Audio Visual For Events In Singapore

Updated: Aug 12, 2022

Planning to source for an AV equipment rental service in Singapore for an upcoming event?

AV equipment rental includes:

  • Sound System Rental

  • Event Lighting Rental

  • LED Wall Rental

  • Projector Rental

Here is a fun video on the 9 things you need to know about AV equipment rental in Singapore.

The 9 important things you need to know about #audiovisualequipmentrental service for your events in Singapore are:

  1. DB Box

  2. Flying and Rigging

  3. Power Generator

  4. PE Endorsement and LEW Services

  5. AV Equipment Maintenance

  6. Shelter for AV Equipment for Outdoor Venues

  7. Experienced AV Technicians

  8. Pre-event AV Equipment Testing

  9. Permits and Licenses for Outdoor Events



If you need to tap power from an event venue for your AV equipment, the venue will require a DB box to be installed.

LEW services will be required when tapping power from event venues (refer to LEW Services).

Why does an event venue require you to include a Portable Distribution Box for your AV equipment rental service for events?

A DB Box ensures that even if faulty AV equipment or other faulty event equipment that are powered through the DB Box cause a trip, the main circuit breaker for the event venue will not be affected and will not cause a power outage throughout the venue.



Flying and rigging is required when there is a need to install AV equipment at a height on to ceiling.

It is important to note that Permit-To-Work is required under WSH (Work Safety and Health) Regulations for any work at a height of more than 3 metres.

When enquiring for AV equipment rental service for your events in Singapore, when the AV equipment has to be installed at a height of more than 3 metres, remember to:

  1. Mention this to the AV equipment rental company or event company that you engage for your events.

  2. Invite the AV equipment rental company or event company to the event venue for a survey.

Additional #AVequipmentrental costs will be incurred for rigging and flying equipment. Additional costs will also be incurred for the required PE endorsement (refer to PE endorsements)

Safety of setup crew and riggers is of utmost importance and priority for all event setup works and event disassembly works.



For outdoor events and for event venues that require you to provide for your own power supply for your AV equipment, be sure to mention this to the AV equipment rental company and event company that you engage for your events.

Additional costs will be incurred for a portable power generator to be included in the AV equipment rental service package.



PE (Professional Engineer) endorsement is required for flying and rigging of AV equipment for events at a height of more than 3 metres and also for structures at events that are of a height of more than 3 metres.

LEW (Licensed Electrical Worker) service is required for tapping power from an event venue power source.

The event venue will usually require the endorsed plans and drawings to be submitted to approve use of their event venue space.

These can either be included as part of the AV equipment rental service package or you may source and acquire these services separately on your own from external PE or LEW in Singapore.



Ideally the AV equipment rental service that you acquire is from an AV equipment rental company that regularly services and maintains its equipment. This is where event companies are uniquely adapted through extensive experience who work with AV equipment rental companies who maintain their AV equipment through regularly servicing them.

AV equipment have to be serviced and maintained regularly to ensure durability and to prevent deterioration of event sound and event lighting quality.

Are you managing an event venue with in-house AV equipment that are deteriorating in quality?

Here is a blog by Electric Dreamz on an In-house AV Equipment Maintenance Service titled:



AV equipment need to be protected from weather elements.

For outdoor event venues, it is important to check if they have provisions for AV equipment shelter or if AV equipment shelter, such as a tentage, has to be included in the AV equipment rental service package.

Be prepared for additional costs to include event tentage as part of your AV equipment rental package from AV equipment rental companies or event companies you engage for your events.

You may also source for your own event tentage on your own, however, event AV equipment rental and event companies understand the specifications and requirements in more detail and are able to include the best-fit event tentage for your events.

Important Note:

There are many types of event tentage and event tentage rental companies out there. However, the cheapest may not be the best choice for your events. To touch on an incident that occurred in Singapore, an event organiser decided to engage an event tentage rental company on their own.

The event tentage company failed to ensure that the tentage was stable enough and when a strong gust of wind came, the tentage fell and not only caused danger to the guests, it also caused damage to the AV equipment and other event equipment that were installed in the tent.



Experienced and professional AV technicians are a very important consideration for any AV equipment rental service package for your events in Singapore.

Event AV equipment rental and event companies through extensive experience in the events industry have the right contacts to professional, experienced and passionate AV technicians, including lighting programmers, sound-man and video technicians to ensure quality event sound and event lighting delivery throughout events to guarantee successful events for you.

Here is a blog by Electric Dreamz titled:



To ensure high quality uninterrupted sound, light and video delivery throughout events, professional and reliable AV equipment rental companies conduct thorough AV equipment testings after event setup.

Here is a two-step AV equipment testing plan.

Event managers from reliable event companies work closely with their event AV equipment rental partners and oversee to ensure that AV equipment testings have been carried out to ensure quality sound, lighting and video for events.

As a client, you can also request to be present to test out the sound, lighting and video that have been setup and tested for your events.

Additionally, take note that if rehearsals are required before event day, additional costs will be incurred for additional days use of the AV equipment.

Here is another blog by Electric Dreamz that touches on this topic titled:



For outdoor events, it is required by law to apply for the required permits and licenses for events.

Here is a list of the types of permits and licenses required for outdoor events in Singapore.

For playing of copyright music and videos at public outdoor open-air events (item 4), Compass Licences are required.

Visit Compass website for more information. Here is the link for more information on audio visual permits for events in open-air outdoor venues.


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About Electric Dreamz - Event Company In Singapore

Electric Dreamz is a professional, reliable and low cost one stop quality solution event management company for all live events, including social event and corporate events in Singapore.

Electric Dreamz can meet all your event AV equipment rental requirements including sound system rental, event lighting rental, LED wall rental and projector rental in Singapore.

"Turning Dreams Into Reality, Through Innovation And Creativity."

The Electric Dreamz team believes in 3 core values and apply these in everything that we do:





Are you looking for professional, reliable, low cost and quality AV equipment rental service in Singapore for an upcoming event?

Electric Dreamz provides:

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  • 24 Hours Service


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Thank for taking the time and hope you found this informative.

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