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AV Rental Singapore: Professional Service, Quality Equipment, Low Cost Rentals

Updated: Aug 12, 2022

Looking for an AV rental service in Singapore for an upcoming event?

What factors would make for an ideal event AV rental partner for your events?

Here are 3 services that will give you an all-round perfect experience in the context of AV rental service in the events industry:

  • Professional Customer Service

  • Personalised Customer Service

  • 24 Hours Customer Service

Here is a fun explanatory video that shows examples on the importance and benefits of these services:


How to provide professional customer service?

AV Rentals Singapore - Professional Service

Professional AV Rental Service - Knowledge

The most important thing for providing professional customer service for AV rental is to first have the full understanding and knowledge of the products and services that the AV rental or event company offers. Without sufficient or lack of knowledge, it would make it impossible to provide a professional service.

Next it is important to listen and understand client's requirements clearly before deciding on the right AV rental package to offer. A lack of understanding and failure to grasp what is actually needed leads to offering the wrong AV rental package, which directly affects the quality of sound, lighting and video delivery at events.

A professional customer service is a service that not just offers the client what they want but, in cases where suggestions can be made to add value or to reduce costs without affecting the quality, these are communicated immediately to the client without hesitation.


How to provide personalised customer service?

AV Rental Singapore - Personalised Service

"I am sorry we can't do that. Its against company policy."

Have you ever had someone say these words to you?

More often than not, this usually happens with big companies as bigger companies have a large hierarchy and important decision making is limited to the few from the higher management, who lay out strict rules for their staff to follow.

This is sometimes due to higher management having heavy workloads and other responsibilities, and not being able to commit and make these many real-time decisions everyday.

The effect of this on the junior staff, who are usually the frontline staff, is that they are unable to be flexible or have a limit on the flexibility they are allowed, which makes it impossible for them to make their own decisions on unique situations in the fluid environment that they are in.

Their decision-making then falls back on the guidelines that the company has provided and trained them on, which is usually how and why the phrase "I am sorry its company policy" is used.

Here is a great article by Tim Castelle on Harward Business Review titled:

Personalised AV Rental Service - Flexibility

Companies that are small, family-run, or the few big companies that train and empower their staff to make decisions based on a case by case basis, which do not in any way cause the company to lose money or hurt their reputation, are the ones that can provide personalised service.

In the context of AV rental service, an example of a company that is rigid and not able to provide personalised service, is when you have requested for AV equipment without the need for the AV technician as you already have you own audio visual technician, the staff from that company informs you that their AV rental service is packaged with the AV technician and they are unable to rent their equipment without their audio visual technician present.

Although. this decision could be reversed upon checking with the higher management, sometimes that staff would rather not refer the case to his higher management and just reject your request or it might take an annoyingly long time for them to get back to you.

However, a company with a personalised service and with flexibility would update the client that the AV technician will be there during the AV equipment setup time, and if the client's own AV technician is competently able to use the AV equipment, then the client will not be charged for the AV technician and a discount on AV equipment will be offered.

Another example of a flexible company would be a company who can offer you 'Dry Rental' of the AV equipment, which simply means that you can directly pick up the equipment and return it after use, which normally would require a deposit.

This is normally for a small quantity of AV equipment and if you are a regular client, which sometimes will require full payment upfront too.

Here is an article by Cape Consulting on:


How is 24 hours service important?

AV Rental in Singapore - 24 Hours Service

In terms of AV rental service, 24 hours service can be important in two ways.

24 Hours AV Rental Service - Invaluable

Firstly is when you require last minute assistance the night before an event or over a holiday and weekend period where it would be impossible to reach any office hours companies.

A rare occurrence but an invaluable service when you most require it. Especially when you are in a situation of having an event the next morning and your in-house AV equipment have broken down!

"Good reputation is hard to build but easy to lose."

Secondly, 24 hours service is also especially useful if you are an overseas client from a country where it is daytime when it is nighttime in Singapore.


Are your in-house AV equipment deteriorating in quality?

Cannot remember the last time your AV equipment were serviced?

Have you been receiving bad feedback from clients on your in-house sound and in-house lighting equipment?

Do you have an event the next morning and a last minute test the night before and found your equipment to be faulty and require to be serviced immediately?

If you are in any of these situations, we have a life-saver for you!


Electric Dreamz now offers 24 hours servicing and maintenance on ad-hoc and contract basis for in-house systems.



We are a low cost, reliable and professional one stop quality solution event company that goes the extra mile to achieve success and leave lasting impressions.

We are able to keep costs low mainly because of our low overheads, which allows us to work with low margins and offer lower rates.

Electric Dreamz - AV Rentals Singapore

"Turning dreams into reality through innovation and creativity."

At Electric Dreamz, our core values are:




For more information on our AV Rental service in Singapore, please visit our event support services page.

Visit us for more information on our event services and for more about us

Are you looking for an AV rental service for an upcoming event in Singapore?

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Thanks for taking the time and for the kind read. Have a great day!

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