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Vintage String Lighting Rental - Lights For Events, Indoor and Outdoor Installation

Updated: Aug 13, 2022

String lights are great for creating vintage and classic event environments for guests. They create awesome immersive environments for unforgettable event experiences.

Vintage string lighting rental can be for indoor and outdoor private parties, corporate events and weddings too! Vintage theme string lighting is also perfect for interior, garden and patio installation at facilities, venues and private house.

String lighting is an inexpensive decorative event element to light up any event!

Here is a fun video by Electric Dreamz on vintage #stringlighting rental service in Singapore.

There 3 main components to string lighting and they are:

  • bulb

  • string

  • plug

What are the things you need to know about vintage string lighting rental for events in Singapore?



Bulbs for vintage string lighting can come in a wide variety of sizes and types.

The most common types are:

  1. Vintage Edison Clear Bulbs

  2. Vintage Edison Warm White Bulbs

  3. Vintage Edison Cage Bulbs

  4. Vintage Edison Spiral Bulbs

  5. Vintage Edison Tube Bulbs

  6. Vintage LED Clear Bulbs

  7. Vintage LED Warm White Bulbs

Edison bulbs are more powerful and brighter than the LED decorative bulbs.



Vintage lighting strings for bulbs come in different colours and types, including:

  1. Black String Light

  2. Green String Light

  3. White String Light

  4. Cafe String Light

Vintage cafe string lights are perfect for restaurants, bars, cafes and outdoor seating.



To achieve an awesome vintage theme environment for events and installations at facilities, venues, restaurants, bars, gardens and any indoor and outdoor environment, it is important to engage a professional and experienced lighting designer.

A professional and experienced lighting designer:

  • understands what is required

  • has the knowledge of the different types of event lighting available in the market

  • surveys and studies the event environment

  • works closely with the event lighting programmer to ensure all lighting for the event come together perfectly to create an unforgettable immersive event environment for guests

  • works within the allocated budget to come up the best event lighting design



Every string lighting has one plug, as such, it is important to take note on the number of power points required.

The number of power points depends on the number of string lighting required at events.

As for permanent installation, string lights can be modified and lengthen according to requirements by a professional electrician engaged independently or from the lighting company.


Want to find out more about vintage string lights or have an upcoming event requirement for event lighting rental in Singapore?

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Thank for the kind read and hope you found the information useful. Have a great day!

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