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Photo Booth Singapore - 4 Types of Photo Booths | Rental Package and Services

Updated: Aug 13, 2022

Photo booth, photographer, instant prints, photo booth props and even a photo booth pose guidebook are just some of the services that can be included to capture all those funny, memorable and sweet memories at corporate events, birthday parties, adult parties and kids parties too. This is the most popular pre-event activity preferred by clients for their events in Singapore. A guaranteed hit with guests of all ages, from the adults to kids.

Do you remember the last time you had a get-together with family, relatives and friends?

If you cannot remember, it is probably time to start planning for one!

Fun video on creating new memories:

Here is a good read on the types of photo booths available, the photo booth packages available and the services that can be included with them.


Themed Photo Booth From Existing Options

This is when you can choose from a wide range of existing beautiful themed photo booths for your corporate event and private party. These booths can even be ordered and delivered at the last minute as long as the photo booth supplier has the availability to deliver and, has the manpower and photographer to deploy on that day, as they may be engaged at other events on that day. Thus, it is still always advisable to make your bookings early.

Points to note -

Cost: Low cost

Availability: Immediate!

Note: Although the photo booth rental cost is low, these are beautiful themed photo booth options, providing the same high quality photo-taking and photos. The only reason it is low cost is because there is no need for design, fabrication and printing works.

Customised Photo Booths

These are photo booths that are custom designed according to your requirements and party themes. Usually 3 design works are submitted to you, which you can tweak and request to modify until you are totally satisfied with the final design. After which, the fabrication and printing work will take place.

Points to note -

Cost: Highest of the 4

Availability: Minimum of 14 working days before start of event.

Note: May take longer than 14 days if more time is needed to tweak and modify until the final design achieved.

Green Screen Photo Booths

This is a popular choice for most corporate events and birthday parties in Singapore. This is a solid colour photo booth in which, after photo is taken the solid colour is then replaced with a background of choice.

This choice is made a minimum 14 days before event. The client submits their own background photo of choice or updates the photo booth service and event company of a preferred design which the designer will submit to client for approval after which the finalised design will be uploaded into the photo booth system and be the background used for all photos taken at the photo booth on the event day.

Points to note -

Cost: Medium

Availability: At least 14 days before event day.

Note: May take longer than 14 days if more time is needed to tweak and modify until the final design achieved.

Selfie Photo Booths

These are self-operated photo booths for selfie photos taken by your event guests. This are instant photo booths similar to the type that you can find in some shopping centres.

Points to note -

Cost: Medium

Availability: Immediate!

Note: Although these are available immediately upon request and requirement, it is still advisable to book early and subject to supplier availability on that particular event day.


What photo booth services are normally included in the photo booth rental package when you engage a photo booth supplier?

  • Unlimited Instant Prints

  • 2-hour Pre-event Photo-taking Service

  • Professional Photographer

  • Amazingly Beautiful Studio Lighting

  • Photo Sleeves - Protection for photos

  • Professional Assistants

  • Photo Video Montage

Some photo booth suppliers even provide a 'Pose Guidebook' to give ideas on funny poses your guests can take for that perfect shot!

What is the quality of these photos, as they are instant prints, will they be of lower quality?

No these instant photos taken at photo booths are not low quality! Instant photos taken at photo booths are through high speed industrial printers which produce premium quality photos (glossy / matt).

What are some of the additional services you can include in your event photo booth rental package in Singapore?


Photo booths suppliers can include fun props for your photo-taking sessions. These are random props and funny messages that your guests show or put on for the photo taking pose. Combined with the 'Pose Guidebook', your guests are guaranteed to have an awesome, memorable and fun time having their photos taken at this popular pre-event activity.

Have ideas of your own on the photo booth themed props you would like to include for your photo booth rental package?

Photo booth suppliers can even include custom themed props for your photo booth rental package. Should you wish to include custom themed props, the photo booth supplier would normally need the photo booth package rental to be confirmed by clients at minimum of 14 working days before start of event.


Photo booth suppliers can add guestbooks with well-wishes by guests for your events in Singapore. These are beautiful guestbooks that will be placed at the photo booths so guests can write their well-wishes before or after they have their photos taken.


Sometimes clients mistakenly think that the photo booth photographer can also cover the roving photographer role. This is not possible as the photo booth rental package is for a pre-event activity and that runs for a duration of 2 hours.

Furthermore, the photo booth photographer will still be engaged taking photographs at the photo booth even after the event has started. Additional costs will be incurred to engage a roving photographer to take those memorable event photos throughout the event.


Is it more expensive to acquire photo booth rental package and services from an event company rather than directly from the photo booth supplier?

No it is not more expensive. It is in fact cheaper as event companies have close working relationships with photo booth suppliers and receive special rates when they engage photo booth suppliers for their events.

Event companies in Singapore and event suppliers, including photo booth suppliers forge a long lasting business relationship as they provide the event suppliers continuous business throughout the year, which means more business for the event suppliers and special rates for the event companies.


We are an event company who are a low cost, reliable and professional one stop quality solution who can meet any event requirements in Singapore and the Southeast Asian region. We are able to keep our costs low mainly because of our low overheads, which allow us to work with low margins and offer low rates.


Electric Dreamz can offer value-added services that enhance the quality of your events. These can include beautiful memorabilia, perfect door gift ideas, catchy party invitation videos and even a team building pre-event activity two weeks before event that will hype up your invited guests and have them looking forward to the event in anticipation!

Do you require photo booth rental service as a pre-event activity for an upcoming event in Singapore?

Photo Booth Singapore - Rental and Service Package

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Thanks for taking the time and for the kind read. Have a great day!

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